Greggs is the latest food business to be affected by the food scarcity nightmare.


Greggs is the latest food business to be affected by the food scarcity nightmare.

Following supply chain issues, GREGGS has become the latest retailer to experience food shortages. McDonald’s, KFC, Nando’s, and Costa are among the companies whose operations have been disrupted.

Supply chain instability has plagued the baking chain, which has been blamed on a variety of factors including Brexit and the pandemic. Customers have turned to social media to alert others that several popular food products are missing from Greggs’ shelves.

Some ingredients are experiencing “temporary interruptions,” according to Greggs.

Although it was previously reported that chicken bakes were impacted, there are currently no supply concerns with the popular pastry.

“There are no current supply difficulties with our chicken bakes, and our customers may continue to enjoy them as usual,” a spokesman stated.

“Unfortunately, like others, we’re experiencing periodic supply disruptions for key components, resulting in shops not being able to maintain complete availability on all lines on occasion.

“However, we have a wide range of options on our menu for consumers who are looking for a different option.”

Customers have been warned of the interruption by posters posted in various Greggs locations.

“We’re sorry, but we may not have your favorite sandwich available today,” one said. We’re working nonstop to get additional stock into this store as soon as possible. We apologize for any disappointment this has caused.”

One customer expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation on social media, saying, “I went to my local Greggs today to find my favorite food not available, it’s disappearing from the shelves!”

“I can’t believe all these establishments are experiencing such a shortage, something I never expected to happen,” remarked another.

“I hope things get back to normal soon,” a third said.

McDonald’s removed milkshakes from its menu in England, Scotland, and Wales earlier this week due to supply chain concerns.

“Like most retailers, we are currently experiencing certain supply chain challenges, which are affecting the availability of a small number of products,” a McDonald’s representative stated.

“In restaurants across England, Scotland, and Wales, bottled beverages and milkshakes are temporarily unavailable.

“We apologize for any inconvenience, and we appreciate our customers’ patience.

“We are working very hard to have these foods back on the menu as quickly as possible.”

McDonald’s and Greggs are following in the footsteps of popular restaurant chain Nando’s, which recently announced the closure of 50 of its locations. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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