Give us the funding so we CAN cure Motor Neuron Disease, says the Sunday Express MND campaign.


Give us the funding so we CAN cure Motor Neuron Disease, says the Sunday Express MND campaign.

THE SUNDAY EXPRESS has launched a fight to secure £50 million in government funding for a “game-changing” Motor Neuron Disease Research Institute.

Our Organization’s Fund The Fight To Cure MND campaign is supporting a number of charities that are already vying for funding ahead of Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s next budget. We’re joining a coalition of organisations in the United To End MND campaign, led by the Motor Neurone Disease Association, MND Scotland, and My Name’5 Doddie, in their fight for the funds.

This severe fatal disease currently has no effective therapies or cures. It is the goal of the campaign to make it “treatable.”

The government claims to have spent £54 million on MND research in the last five years, but protesters allege that most of the money went to general neurological research rather than specific studies.

They say that a more reasonable estimate of targeted Government funding is less than £5 million per year, which is less than what charities contribute.

The term “motor neuron disease” refers to a set of disorders that affect the nerves that govern movement, causing muscles to stop working.

If the campaign is successful, the funds raised will be used to create a virtual institute for MND research, which will provide the infrastructure needed to speed up therapies and bring together breakthroughs in clinical and core science research.

It will concentrate on world-class medication discovery and development, as well as the development of a long-term MND trials platform and the implementation of a rigorous clinical research program.

“Research into the causes and potential cures for MND has a great momentum right now, and if we can work together, genuine change will happen,” MND Association director of external affairs Chris James said.

“The United To End MND alliance intends to urge the Government to make a five-year investment in targeted MND research with the help of the Sunday Express.

“This funding will enable the establishment of a virtual MND research institute, bringing together government, science, patients, and industry with one goal in mind: to speed up the search for effective treatments and, eventually, a cure for this devastating disease, which kills six people in the UK every day.”

The Ice Bucket Challenge raised £7 million in the UK alone in 2014, paving the way for a slew of potentially life-saving new medicines.

This, according to Mr. James, is a pivotal moment in MND research. He went on to say that with the resources to conduct trials, there may be a. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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