Gemma Collins flaunts her third weight loss in a workout video with Joe Wicks’ help.


Gemma Collins flaunts her third weight loss in a workout video with Joe Wicks’ help.

Over the years, GEMMA COLLINS has been extremely open about her weight loss challenges. The star of The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) has lately begun a new fitness adventure and has been posting exercise videos on her social media accounts.

When Gemma Collins made her TV debut on TOWIE in 2011, she began her weight-loss journey. She has been upfront about her weight and how it has fluctuated throughout the years since then.

Before competing on Dancing on Ice two years ago, the celebrity reportedly shed three stone.

Gemma tried a juice diet and many other weight loss strategies, including hypnosis, after struggling to keep the weight off.

Since the outbreak, the celebrity has resorted to exercise and informs fans on her fitness routines on a regular basis.

Gemma is seen doing battle rope workouts in her back garden in her most recent post.

“NOT LONG NOW for my ultimate life demanding adventure!” read the caption.

“I can’t wait to tell you about it…

Thank you, Joe Wicks, the ultimate fitness guru, for being so encouraging and not passing judgment on me.

“Thank you so much for really giving me a push yesterday!”

Joe Wicks praised Gemma’s fitness journey as “amazing,” and she thanked him for his help.

“There are a lot of fantastic trainers out there,” he told Metro.

But I think anyone going through a physical or emotional shift is inspiring, and I wish everyone the best of success.

“It’s about motivating people, and everyone’s path is different. Some people have a wonderful message about mental health and how they feel, and it’s not necessarily about fat loss and weight loss.”

“I don’t know Gemma Collins personally,” he added.

But good luck to anyone attempting to motivate the masses.”

Her incredible bodily transformation was also observed by her fans.

“You look great, hun,” one person said.

“The motivation I needed this morning!” wrote another.

A third remarked, “Our Gems are looking amazing, look at that body.”

Working exercise is a vital aspect of being healthy and can lower your chances of contracting a variety of ailments.

Regular exercise has both immediate and long-term advantages, and some people set a goal of 10,000 steps every day.

While exercise may not directly contribute to weight loss, it can assist the body in maintaining its calorie deficit.

Gemma can also be seen lifting weights and doing lunges and squats in her yard in other footage.

The TOWIE published a “Brinkwire Summary News” earlier this month.


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