Fully jabbed people are half as likely to have COVID-19, according to a study, although the danger still exists.


Fully jabbed people are half as likely to have COVID-19, according to a study, although the danger still exists.

Although COVID-19 occurrences are decreasing in the UK, the newest official numbers reveal that more than 20,000 people are still infected with the virus every day. New research suggests that people who have been properly vaccinated are just half as likely to catch COVID-19 if they come into touch with an infected person.

At least one dose of the coronavirus vaccination has now been given to three-quarters of the adult population in the United Kingdom. However, the country is still racing to vaccinate all adults and halt the spread of the more severe strain of the virus, which is sweeping the UK. According to a new study, those who have had both doses of a coronavirus vaccine are half as likely to have COVID-19.

Only one in every 25 persons who were double-jabbed came into touch with someone who had COVID-19, according to a trial involving more than 98,000 people in England.

According to the findings, the percentage of those who tested positive for the virus among the double-jabbed was 0.4 percent, compared to 1.21 percent among the unvaccinated.

The study found that double-jabbed individuals are “taking a big piece of potential transmission out of what may or may not happen in September,” according to Steven Riley, professor of infectious disease dynamics at Imperial College London.

“There has been a decline, a plateau now,” he continued, “and I believe it is difficult to make any type of projection throughout the summer months.”

“There is concern about what will happen when schools reopen in September, and there will be more indoor mixing.”

Researchers discovered that vaccine efficiency was 49% among people who claimed to be fully immunised.

“In other words, persons who are double-vaccinated are half as likely to be infected,” said Professor Paul Elliott, director of the React program and chair in epidemics and public health at Imperial College London.

“Even with very great protection, there are some double-vaccinated persons who will become infected,” says the expert.

Professor Elliott also found that double-jabbed people had a lower viral load, implying that if they do contract the infection, their symptoms will be milder.

The Delta variation of COVID-19 has also “completely taken over” from the previously prevalent Alpha variant first detected in the UK, according to the researchers.

According to Professor Elliot, the increase in infections from mid-June to mid-July was driven by younger persons.

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