From Monday, National Express will suspend all UK services


As a result of tighter Covid limitations, the bus company will stop all services until March

National Express will suspend its entire bus service network across the U.K. As a result of the recent Covid 19 travel limitations, starting Monday.

The company, a major provider of scheduled bus services, has said all services will be suspended until March.

Chris Hardy, National Express UK Coach’s managing director, said, “We have been providing a vital service for important travel needs. However, with tighter restrictions and falling passenger numbers, it is no longer appropriate to do so.”
National Express said all trips through Sunday night will operate as scheduled to ensure that no passengers making vital trips are stranded, while customers whose trips have been cancelled will be contacted for free rebookings or full refunds.

Hardy said there is a March 1 tentative date for service resumption, but warned that it could change. “As the vaccination program is rolled out and government policies change, we will periodically review when we can resume services,” he said.

“We will now make sure we are ready to get back behind the wheel as soon as the nation needs us again.”
In the first shutdown that began in April 2020, National Express suspended its bus service for nearly three months.

Although the local bus service is covered by a government bailout package that provides operators with assistance equal to the revenue lost, there were no similar financial guarantees for the intercity bus service.

National Express has launched a division called Transport Solutions to deploy its brand and coaches in the much-changed market since the start of the pandemic.

The suspension of coach services occurs at a time when the Ministry of Transport and rail operators are considering the suspension of train services, with approximately 50% of the timetable expected to be suspended during the closure.


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