From James Martin to Holly Willoughby, celebrities you might not realize have dyslexia.


From James Martin to Holly Willoughby, celebrities you might not realize have dyslexia.

DYSLEXIA affects about 10% of the population, with one in every six persons over the age of 11 suffering from it. Although the condition affects reading, writing, and spelling, it has no effect on an individual’s intelligence, and living with it is totally doable. In fact, a number of celebrities have excelled in their fields while having the disease.

Although dyslexia is most commonly diagnosed in youngsters, there are a variety of approaches that can assist people of all ages cope with the condition. This can include using word processors or electronic organizers, as well as reading with a colored overlay. Celebrities must also make adaptations at work to accommodate their dyslexia. Who, on the other hand, is affected by the learning disorder?

James Martin, one of the UK’s most popular TV chefs, realized he has dyslexia when he was 30 years old.

After struggling to read an autocue, James was assigned to learn how to walk and talk in order to continue hosting shows like Saturday Kitchen.

James now recalls his scripts and utilizes an audio recording device to write his recipe books instead of reading enormous sections of text.

She, like James Martin, has to double-check autocues ahead of time and employs colored scripts to aid her presentation.

She has already talked up about her struggles in school, and now she is concerned for her three children.

Jamie Oliver, the world-renowned chef, was another celebrity who struggled in school.

He stated in an interview with Celebrity Radio that “he or the school actually recognized my dyslexia” after being placed in the worst courses.

“I truly believe that when someone says to you, ‘Johnny has dyslexia,’ you should drop down on your knees, shake the child’s hand, and say, ‘Well done, you lucky, lucky boy,’” he remarked in an interview with The Radio Times.

Jamie is a passionate champion for eradicating the stigma associated with dyslexia, and she participated in Dyslexia Awareness Week in 2017, using the hashtag #positivedyslexia2017.

F1 superstar Lewis Hamilton has spoken up about his illness, which he discovered when he was 17 years old, on everything from recipes to cars.

He spoke to a group of schoolchildren in June 2020 about the significance of never giving up.

“I didn’t realize I was dyslexic until I was 17,” he said.

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