Foreign travel coronavirus: The British government considers additional constraints


Michael Gove has said that a coordinated approach to international travel is being focused on by the UK government.

The Cabinet Secretary said travel was being reviewed by the government to ensure that ports and airports were as secure as possible.

He indicated that other options for limiting international travel were being looked at by the UK government.

Michael Gove suggests that from March in England, covid restrictions would be relaxed

Speaking on the “Good Morning Britain” program on ITV, he said that a decision on whether the UK would need a negative Covid test from those entering the country will be announced.

He said, “Later today and in the coming days, we will be making announcements about how we will ensure that our ports and airports are safe.”

It is already the case that people coming to this country have severe restrictions and, of course, we emphasize that no one can travel abroad.

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“But I don’t want to prejudge the specific advice that will be given.”

During his series of radio interviews, Mr. Gove said that he is in talks with the U.K. Administrations have devolved over the terms of the announcement impacting foreign tourists.


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