For vaccination, vulnerable school workers should have priority.


Our prime minister tells us that four classes are going to have priority for vaccination (England to enter toughest Covid lockdown since March, Jan. 4).

But there is no mention of teaching assistants who are expected to educate key workers’ children.

It seems unreasonable that teachers should stay home, while in elementary schools, more senior teaching assistants must take care of these children.

My daughter has to take public transport to her school to work – less is charged for higher ranking teaching assistants, but they have to be on the front line and are at greater risk of infection. “The priority groups for vaccination need to be urgently reviewed by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation.Pamela StrachanGlenhighton, Scottish Borders-Your article states that it is “public health pragmatism” for the government to continue to disregard the time between vaccine doses protocol (How is the Oxford Covid vaccine used in England?, January 3).

But it’s not pragmatism, it’s recklessness—unless there’s an evidence-based answer to this question: if I get a second dose of my Pfizer vaccine 12 weeks after the first dose, how can I be protected? Jeanne WarrenGarsington, Oxfordshire- Vaccinating school workers will certainly be the safest way to ensure safe schools. It will encourage children to return to school, allow parents to work and improve the economy. Judith WrightDarwen, Lancashire- There is obviously a lot of need for the vaccine program.

I have re-registered with the General Medical Council as a former general practitioner and volunteered to be an immunization officer.

The school, which consists of 34 learning modules, I have completed.

Some are important, but many are not; three of them are about radicalization prevention. I can now upload a copy of my passport and references to the module certificates.

Without instructions, I am unable to do this, but the emails sent to me are no-response addresses.

I finally gave up after several hours. May I use your letters page to say that I am available, unpaid, to assist? I suppose many people like me are able to deal with the bureaucracy, but I can’t. Peter SpargoColwall, Worcestershire


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