For the summer, Nespresso introduces two new limited-edition iced coffee capsules.


For the summer, Nespresso introduces two new limited-edition iced coffee capsules.

NESPRESSO has introduced two new capsules that are ideal for preparing summer cocktails. These capsules were created specifically for ice coffee and are excellent, delightful, and full of flavor.

On a hot summer day, there’s nothing better than enjoying an icy beverage. Nespresso has released two new iced coffee capsules just in time for summer.

Nespresso is expanding its Baristas Creations for Ice line with two new flavors.

The limited edition coconut flavor for original machines and the limited edition tropical coconut flavor for Vertuo machines are the new flavors.

It’s specifically designed and manufactured for preparing iced coffee, and it’ll keep consumers cool during the summer.

Friends and family members will love these flavors, which combine silky Brazilian bean blends with sweetness.

Brew the coffee over ice to rapidly cold it and seal in the flavors.

Nespresso sells the coconut over ice flavor at £4.50 for ten capsules.

Nespresso sells the tropical coconut flavor over ice for £6.20 for ten capsules.

For the summer, Nespresso has also brought back some of their most popular flavors.

The coffee machine retailer has brought back the Freddo Delicato and Freddo Intenso capsules for iced coffees, which were a popular choice previously.

It’s a sweet drink with Kenyan coffee flavors mixed in with South American and Indonesian beans that will instantly revive you.

Serve it over ice with a splash of chilled milk for a refreshing treat.

The Freddo Delicato costs 42p each capsule and the Freddo Intenso costs £4.20 for ten capsules.

The Ice Forte and Ice Leggero pills have also been relaunched.

This is an Ethiopian coffee mix with sweet flavors and a mild fruitiness that’s perfect for the summer months.

Prices start at 49p for one capsule and go higher from there.

The Ice Forte can be found here, while the Ice Leggero can be found here.

Additionally, Nespresso has posted some recipes on its website that are great for producing iced coffee drinks.

The Nespresso original system machine costs £89.99 and higher at Nespresso, John Lewis, and Currys.

Nespresso Vertuo machines start at £99 and go up from there.

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