For Cate cash? Struggler art groups offer donors access to stars online


This month, a concert by your favorite opera singer, delivered personally to your laptop, could raise your spirits. Or how about a remote training session with young ballet dancers or an artist’s studio’s exclusive virtual tour? In order to reach out to major donors to retain critical financial supply lines, cultural organizations are searching for innovative approaches. A Zoom cocktail party was a sensation at the start of the pandemic, but now it’s proving harder to draw affluent U.K. patrons. Organizations for arts and venues. People don’t want to read Ulysses-long tracts from a fundraising department,”People don’t want to read Ulysses-length tracts from a fundraising department,” “I can answer questions with a phone call and let them know what’s happening,” said Kani, who earned a CBE on the New Year’s Honors list. “These people want sincerity, not slogans and not hyperbole. “Over the last 10 months, private fundraising for the performing arts has plummeted. It is no longer possible to have activities such as gala dinners and apéritifs, needing new ideas to meet sponsors and benefactors. “Rewards, be they works by artists or one-off events, are a popular way to generate support for campaigns that allow people to donate to an important cause but also get something brilliant back,” a spokesperson for the UK charity Art Fund told Artnet News. The 50 Windows of Innovation project was introduced in Manchester in the run-up to Christmas with that in mind.

Colorful mosaics by Mark Kennedy and Mary Goodwin and artwork by RP Roberts and Dreph are on display. The award-winning photographer Benji Reid also took part in an open-air exhibition in the area, which resulted in an online auction for the artwork, benefiting the participating artists and designers with all proceeds. A new National Campaign for the Arts study found that UK institutions are now more dependent on individual donors, as the share of public support has dropped by more than a third since 2008, while corporate sponsorship has fallen by nearly 40 percent over the past seven years. English National Opera in London has launched an ambitious campaign called ENO TV to address this trend and maintain contact with patrons throughout the closure, offering behind-the-scenes supporters access to ‘In Conversation’ events with musicians, directors and performers from the opera chorus and orchestra, as well as backstage tours of key departments such as wardrobe, tailoring, wigs and pro “Our supporters appreciate it as a way to stay in touch with our organization and interact with like-minded people while learning more about the opera itself,” said Stuart Murphy, Executive Director. The situation in America is much more dangerous, with even less government funding for the arts and no national support for the arts from Covid-19 that complies with UK regulations. Hacienda. Treasury.

Donations from individuals to arts organizations in the U.S. declined by 14 percent in the first nine months of last year, and the total amount donated by the most loyal patrons drops by almost 40 percent. Cate Blanchett is one of the movie stars who has been active in the cause, attending events remotely, such as the gala event of the Brooklyn Academy of Music. After a matinee of The Nutcracker on Christmas Saturday, New York City Ballet and the School of American Ballet typically host a huge fundraiser and backstage tour for donors. This time, instead of offering an online tour, Tiler Peck, the main dancer, while those who had bought tickets watched from home after getting a box of goodies delivered to their door. The director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum of New York, Richard Armstrong, is facing a deficit of $13 million.

He chose instead to set up a basic “gala fund” for donations instead of switching to a digital gala. Grange Park Opera’s Kani recognizes the dilemma of hitting the right note in Surrey.


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