Fitness pro’s’simple’ weight-loss strategy – ‘one challenge at a time’ – ‘gets results.’


The’simple’ weight loss strategy of a fitness pro – ‘one challenge at a time’ – ‘gets results.’

According to a fitness guru who spoke with This website about his training and diet strategy, weight loss should be taken “one challenge at a time.”

Alex Crockford is a certified personal trainer and has a degree in fitness and personal training.

He told readers of this website that one aspect of New Year’s fitness goals is absolutely critical to their success.

He said, “That is clarity.”

“Having a clear picture of what a program or schedule might entail for them.”

Setting clear goals, according to the fitness expert who founded his own fitness app, is crucial to achieving success.

His app (hashtag)CrockFit provides a complete workout guide with workouts that can be done at home or in the gym.

He explained how “information overload” can make it difficult for dieters to achieve their goals, but that sticking to simple goals and gradually increasing them can help.

“In the press and on social media, there’s so much information,” Alex said.

“People jump from one idea to the next, one diet to the next, and they won’t change unless they have the clarity to do so.”

Alex Crockford (hashtag)CrockFit (@alexcrockford) shared this post.

“Simplicity gets results because it allows you to keep doing what you’re doing.”

Alex clarified the type of wellness plan he’s talking about.

He suggested a “simple training program that fits your lifestyle, whether it’s a home training program or a gym training program, with a 10,000-step active lifestyle goal.”


“It’s like going from a terrible diet to the perfect diet all at once,” Alex continued.

That’s not going to work.”

When it comes to diet, Alex suggests focusing on one aspect at a time and making small changes that add up over time.

“Thinking about ‘how can I make my breakfast healthier?’ or ‘how can I start preparing my three meals a day?’ or ‘how can I improve my snack?” he recommended.

“Focus on those three for the first week or month, one at a time.”

The fitness guru explained why his clients respond so well to the method.

“What we see a lot with motivation is that if you do something small well, you then try to do too much at once and fail.”

Then motivation begins to wane,” he explained.

“So, do something like that.”

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