Fitbit is experimenting with Sleep Animals, a feature that will aid in sleep tracking.


Fitbit is experimenting with Sleep Animals, a feature that will aid in sleep tracking.

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People want to compare and improve on Fitbit’s Sleep Score, which is one of the company’s greatest metrics. Sleep Animals is a new feature that the health device is currently testing. It’s a simple and effective technique to promote improved sleep hygiene.

Animals that sleep with Fitbit

According to 9to5Google, the function currently requires Fitbit Premium, but not all subscribers will be able to see it because it is still in beta.

It can be activated by visiting the Sleep page when it has been rolled out to every user’s account, and it will expose a new card-in between the top bar graph and the daily score.

The beta feature is only available to a few Fitbit Premium subscribers for a limited time. According to iGamesNews, the feature will only operate if you have a Premium subscription.

The Six Sleep AnimalsBrinkwire News: Fitbit Versa 2 vs. Apple Watch: How The New Rivals Compare

According to Forbes, there are currently six Fitbit Sleep Animals available, and this function is anticipated to improve in the near future.

A image of your creature sleeping will be included in the feature, as well as a line explaining why their sleeping habit is similar to yours. It will also provide you tips on how to improve your sleeping habits, as well as assign you a monthly animal.

A tortoise is the first Sleep Animal. Users that have trouble falling asleep and stay awake in bed for minutes, if not hours, will be assigned this animal. This animal is also for those who receive a lot of sleep, even if they do fall asleep.

A parrot is the next Sleep Animal. Those with a short attention span and a lot of energy will be assigned to this animal. It’s also for people who sleep with their bodies moving around a lot.

A hedgehog is the third Sleep Animal. This animal is for people who only get a few hours of sleep at night. This is for those who have a low level of deep sleep and obtain less sleep than is required. They have a tendency to fall asleep quickly, but they do wake up occasionally during the night.

A giraffe is the fourth Sleep Animal. This animal is for users who have run out of time. News from Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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