Ferreo Rocher’s first chocolate bar in the UK is dubbed “iconic,” yet it took 300 recipes to create.


Ferreo Rocher’s first chocolate bar in the UK is dubbed “iconic,” yet it took 300 recipes to create.

FERRERO, the maker of Ferrero Rocher and Nutella, has announced the debut of new high-end chocolate bars in the United Kingdom.

The company is launching its first ever line of luxury chocolate bars, inspired by the renowned Ferrero Rocher. Customers may purchase the opulent chocolate bars in three different flavors starting this month.

Ferrero Rocher’s famous taste, which is loved all over the world, is now available in a 90-piece chocolate bar format.

Customers can choose from three different flavors: white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate with 55 percent cocoa.

The chocolate bars took three years and a team of 50 people to develop, with more than 300 different recipes tried and tested before settling on the best one.

Inside the new bars are domes of delicious chocolate and various layers.

A refined chocolate base, a soft, creamy filling, and a top layer of chocolate blended with crunchy hazelnut pieces make up the chocolate bars.

“With the launch of the new Ferrero Rocher bars, we wanted to give a fresh taste experience inspired by one of our most iconic brands that is loved all over the world,” said Enrico Martini, Category Director, Ferrero Pralines UK & Ireland.

“Our professional team has worked tirelessly to create a new invention that meets Ferrero Rocher’s high standards for quality and taste.

“We’re looking forward to hearing what our admirers have to say about our new opulent bars.”

From August 9, milk and dark chocolate types will be available in Tesco Main Estate stores across the country.

From September, all kinds will be available countrywide at major shops.

Chocolate aficionados have taken to social media to express their reactions to the news, which costs just £2 per bar.

“I love Ferrero Rocher chocolate, so this will be a good change!” one individual said.

“This is iconic, I can’t wait,” wrote another.

Kinder has also recently introduced Kinder Cards, a new chocolate product.

“Kinder Cards have proven to be a tremendous hit across Europe, and we’re particularly delighted to bring this delicious yet delicate delicacy to the UK this summer,” said Leonardo Bertelli, Kinder’s Category Director.

“They are truly the ideal biscuits; wonderfully thin, flavorful, and perfect for families.”

The biscuits feature a creamy milk and cocoa filling and are made from beautifully thin chocolate and milk wafers.

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