False Positives are more common with at-home COVID-19 test kits! Thousands of Ellume’s products are now being pulled from the market.


False Positives are more common with at-home COVID-19 test kits! Thousands of Ellume’s products are now being pulled from the market.

One of the most essential health advances right now is the at-home fast COVID-19 test kit. This technology allows anyone all over the world to check if they have been infected by the deadly new coronavirus.

Many people throughout the world no longer need to go to hospitals to get their COVID-19 testing because of this medical breakthrough. However, some experts are concerned that this technology may generate problems, such as false-positive COVID-19 results.

Ellume, an Australian firm that makes home coronavirus test kits, demonstrated this in their products. The company has no choice but to recall about 200,000 of its items due to the large number of false-positive results, which are higher than what the company and other experts predicted.

At the moment, Ellume’s COVID-19 at-home test kits are only available in the United States. The United States receives about 5.6 percent of its 3.5 million quick test kits.

COVID-19 Test Kits for At-Home Use Have Been Removed!

According to a recent report in The New York Times, the Australian COVID-19 test kit creator discovered the problem in mid-September.

Brinkwire News: Ivermectin’s False Studies Have Harmened Hundreds of Thousands of People Taking the Drug

During a phone call, Ellume’s chief executive officer, Dr. Sean Parsons, indicated that they had discovered some difficulties with the COVID-19 results provided by their products.

He went on to say that the problem affected 427,000 at-home coronavirus test kits, with some of them going to the US Department of Defense.

Dr. Parsons acknowledged that almost a quarter of the 42,000 positive findings generated by Ellume’s at-home quick COVID-19 test kits are incorrect.

This is currently a severe problem, as government officials demand negative results before allowing people to travel to other locations. If you test positive for COVID-19, on the other hand, you will very certainly be placed in quarantine.

Is the COVID-19 Test Kit for At-Home Use Effective?

COVID-19 test kits, according to Bio Spectrum Asia, are a viable option for people who live far away from a coronavirus testing laboratory.

Various specialists, however, are still questioning the efficacy of this medicinal innovation in combating the increasing coronavirus. Despite this, many countries throughout the world are now employing COVID-19 test kits that may be used at home.

However, because many of these medical kits provide misleading findings, you should double-check.

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