Experts think eating before exercise is “worthwhile” and “essential” for weight loss.


Experts think eating before exercise is “worthwhile” and “essential” for weight loss.

THERE ARE MANY MYTHS surrounding diets and exercise, one of which being that you cannot eat before engaging in any physical activity. According to an expert who spoke exclusively to This website, eating a lot right before an activity can cause cramping, while eating roughly two hours before exercise is essential for weight loss.

Will Girling is a sports nutritionist based in London who has worked with a number of sportsmen as well as celebrities like DJ and Capital Xtra host Manny Norte. Will offered his top diet and fitness suggestions, including why eating before exercising is so vital.

Protein and carbs are vital nutrients for the body to maintain energy during physical exertion, according to Will.

“You absolutely need to eat carbohydrates before a session of high-intensity exercise,” he stated.

This is a 90-minute or longer exercise session.

“It’s a good idea to eat carbs two to four hours before the activity, or even earlier if you’re training really early in the morning,” Will added.

Will noted that eating before working out is crucial in order to “get the most out of that physical activity.”

He said, “Make sure you have enough energy in your body to continue practicing that high-intensity exercise.”

“There is no point going into high-intensity training and then battling to maintain output at the end of it,” the sports nutritionist continued, “which will also reduce calorie output because you won’t be working as hard.”

As a result of eating carbohydrates beforehand, you will be able to work harder and “push out more effort,” according to Will.

“More exertion equals more calories burned,” Will added.

As a result, eating before exercising may result in more weight loss than if you don’t.

“I would say the most essential thing is to make sure you have the energy to complete the exercise,” Will stated.

Carbohydrates are also “worthwhile in helping sustain glucose levels during physical activity,” according to the sports dietitian.

Will also suggest eating during a period of activity if you require a surge of energy to get you through to the end.

“Realistically, if your exercise session is less than 90 minutes, you don’t need to consume any carbohydrates during the activity, as we’ve shown that if people have appropriate carbohydrate intake prior to the activity, they.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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