Expert butcher gives his top BBQ techniques, including how to prepare the “perfect” steak and more.


Expert butcher gives his top BBQ techniques, including how to prepare the “perfect” steak and more.

JONNY FARRELL is a butcher from Wigan who has worked in the field for many years. He talked to This Website about how to get the most out of your summer BBQ, including how to prevent undercooking sausages and how to cook a steak properly.

Summer has arrived, and as the weather warms up, more Britons will be spending time outdoors. Butcher Jonny Farrell offers some excellent advice on how to get the most out of your barbeque before you start stocking up on meats for future yard gatherings.

Jonny has teamed up with Buffalo Trace Whiskey to provide his best barbeque recipes to customers.

To commemorate the partnership, he spoke with This Website about his favorite meats to grill and the best ways to cook them.

According to Jonny, the butcher recommended grilling steak since it is not only a terrific meal to serve at a family gathering, but it is also one of the most delectable meats available in British supermarkets and butcher stores.

The most popular steaks on the market are rump, sirloin, and rib eye, which are frequently found on restaurant menus, but Jonny suggested trying “hanging steak.”

The butcher commented, “It’s a lovely piece of meat.”

Hanger steak is a beef cut that comes from the animal’s upper abdomen and is incredibly delicate and flavorful.

“There are two muscles and a bit of sinew that runs all the way down, so you have to remove them from the sinew,” Jonny described how to cook a hanger steak.

“Then you can cook them to a lovely medium rare,” says the chef. They’re breathtaking.”

“What I always used to tell clients is that you have to learn how to prepare steak,” Jonny continued.

“You took a risk and went against the grain. So, if you see the grain of muscle in the steak, don’t cut it down the grain since it will become chewy. You made a cut that was against the grain.

“Cutting against the grain separates the fibers, making it a lot easier and more palatable.”

Jonny revealed that he grilled a hanger steak last weekend and that his three-year-old son was “just munching away.”

Jonny said that “all it needs is some really nice salt” to add flavor to the steak before putting it on the grill. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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