Every day, schools have data on Covid.


I can assure Nigel Gann (Letters, Jan. 4) that I am expected to complete a Department of Education regular online form that collects Covid data for the school where I am an administrator.

If we are open and for whom, I have to indicate how many children are on the list, how many are absent and why (Covid in college, Covid out of school, other explanations for illness or absence), and then repeat the instructional and support staff process.

Since March 2020, I have been doing this.

“I have no idea what the DfE does with the info, but I always thank them for sending it. Nicola MoignardOakley, Buckinghamshire- Judith Wright (Letters, January 5) says: “Vaccinating school workers will definitely be the best way to ensure healthy schools. That would encourage kids to return to school and parents to work and improve the economy.” This ignores the fact that kids can and do get infected Therefore, though school employees might be protected, the parents, grandparents and siblings of children remain at risk. Edward CollierCheltenham, Gloucestershire


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