EastEnders star Danny Dyer discusses his new workout plan and innovative yoga poses.


EastEnders star Danny Dyer discusses his new workout plan and innovative yoga poses.

DANNY DYER, aka Mick Carter, has lost a few pounds in the previous six months as a result of a new workout routine and the addition of yin yoga to his routine.

Danny Dyer first gained notoriety for his part as Moff in Human Traffic, but he became a household name when he was cast as Mick Carter in EastEnders. Dani Dyer, his daughter, appeared on Love Island in 2018 and won the series with Jack Fincham, bringing the Dyers back into the spotlight. During a podcast interview last year, the soap star revealed his home gym setup and favorite yoga pose after deciding to revamp his life and lose weight.

Danny has always been cast in tough-guy parts in films, television shows, and on stage.

Danny signed on for BBC One’s EastEnders after turning down the part in 2009, and went on to win Best Serial Drama Performance at the National Television Awards in 2015, 2016, and 2019.

He also started presenting the BBC game program The Wall in 2019.

In addition to playing Mick, the actor was recently seen filming the celebrity version of Antiques Road Trip in Westcliff.

Danny wanted to reduce weight last year since he had more time than ever before due to his hectic filming schedule.

Danny, who is a regular on Spotify’s podcast Sorted with the Dyers with daughter Dani, he revealed his new workout routine.

“I recently finished constructing a great gym in the summer house. I need to get moving… He explained, “We have a running machine, but I need to acquire a decent bike.”

Dani cut in with a proposal for another item of workout gear: “Do you have a rooster?”

Danny said, “A great rack of – no, let’s not purchase rowing machines, too much hard work.” “As well as some dumbbells.”

Dani responded, “Dad, you’re not a gym guy; you’ve never been to the gym.”

“I’m in my forties, and I need to start looking after myself and take my breast cups down,” the actor added. I’d want to down a cup.

“Perhaps it will provide me with motivation.”

His daughter stated, “I don’t think it will.”

Danny Dyer (@officialdannydyer) shared a post.

Danny went on to describe the home gym setup, saying, “At the front is our podcast studio, and out the.”


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