Dr Sara explains diabetes symptoms, including the most “obscure” sign of high blood sugar.


Dr Sara explains diabetes symptoms, including the most “obscure” sign of high blood sugar.

DIABETES symptoms can be difficult to detect early on because the most prevalent symptoms don’t always make you feel ill. However, Dr Sara Kayat of ITV This Morning has discovered the most “obscure” symptom of type 2 diabetes, which you may be overlooking.

Diabetes affects around five million people in the United Kingdom, though the true number is likely to be higher. Because the signs of diabetes can be subtle, a large proportion of people in the UK are living with it without even realizing it.

Type 2 diabetes accounts for almost 90% of all diabetes cases.

The condition is caused by the body’s inability to create enough insulin or by the body’s failure to respond to insulin.

Insulin aids in the conversion of blood sugar into usable energy.

However, determining whether or whether you are at risk is quite difficult.

According to Dr Sara from ITV This Morning, you could have high blood sugar without realizing it if you have terrible breath.

She advised that having bad breath is a “obscure” indication of diabetes that should never be overlooked.

Ketones can form as a result of uncontrolled diabetes.

These ketones are what cause the terrible breath, which has been compared to pear drops.

“If your diabetes isn’t adequately controlled, you can get ketones,” Dr Sara told This website.

“Ketones create stinky breath, which is a slightly less obvious symptom, but it does exist.”

High blood sugar levels in saliva can also produce bad breath.

It serves as a perfect breeding habitat for bacteria in the mouth, resulting in the formation of dental plaque.

Gum disease, which is a common cause of bad breath, can develop if plaque is not removed.

However, having poor breath does not necessarily imply that you have diabetes.

Eating spicy foods or drinking strong-smelling beverages might also trigger it.

The NHS advised that tonsillitis, acid reflux, and smoking might all cause bad breath.

If you experience foul breath for more than a few weeks or if it’s followed by painful, bleeding gums, see a dentist.

Having an insatiable thirst, passing more pee than usual, or feeling unusually exhausted are all classic diabetes symptoms.

If you’re concerned about diabetic symptoms, see a doctor.

Early detection is critical since the disorder can progress to life-threatening complications such as heart disease and stroke.

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