Dr. Hilary approves of the Covid vaccine for children, and here’s why.


Dr. Hilary approves of the Covid vaccine for children, and here’s why.

DR. HILARY has given his blessing to the vaccination of children in the United Kingdom. Dr Hilary, who spoke on ITV’s Good Morning Britain this morning, emphasized that the vaccines’ safety profile is “very good.”

“Do I believe that’s a good idea?” the doctor responded, when asked about kid immunization, which is now recommended for 12-17 year olds with pre-existing health concerns and those living with someone who is immunocompromised. Yes, I agree.” Dr. Hilary, on the other hand, went a step farther and suggested that ALL secondary school students be vaccinated. His explanation was that “the transmissibility is strong in this group… across the board.” When compared to people over the age of 70, the Covid case numbers are 17 times greater in the teenage age category.

Dr. Hilary cited the World Health Organization (WHO) as another organization that “recommends youngsters get vaccinated.”

Long Covid can still affect secondary school students; Dr Hilary estimates that 15% of them do.

If you come into contact with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the coronavirus vaccine protects you from getting sick. However, being fully vaccinated does not guarantee that you will not contract Covid and pass it on to others.

In fact, if you’ve been double-jabbed and then catch Covid, you’re more likely to have specific symptoms. It’s important to be aware of when you need to take a test in order to protect others and avoid infecting too many people.

There are five “top” symptoms you should be aware of, according to Tim Spector’s latest research, which was published in the Covid Symptom Study.

For starters, persons who have had two vaccines — regardless of which – are more likely to have a “runny nose.”

Second, the vaccinated group is more likely to experience headaches, sneezes, and sore throats.

Finally, this group is more prone to develop a loss of smell, which is one of Covid’s hallmark symptoms.

The following are the top five Covid symptoms after two vaccine doses:

The NHS has identified the characteristic Covid symptoms that can be used to get a free PCR test.

A new, persistent cough, a high temperature, or a loss or change in your sense of smell or taste are all examples of this.

Meanwhile, patients are encouraged to undergo two weekly fast flow tests – which are also free from the NHS – to ensure they aren’t pregnant. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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