Dr. Green, an AstraZeneca scientist, discusses what’s in the Covid vaccination.


Dr. Green, an AstraZeneca scientist, discusses what’s in the Covid vaccination.

DR CATHERINE GREEN, who contributed to the development of the life-saving AstraZeneca vaccine, described how she met an anti-vaxxer while camping with her daughter.

When confronted with an insult to her life’s work, the vaccine specialist used the chance to educate her fellow campmate. The anti-vaxxer argued, “We don’t know what’s in it,” to which Dr Green responded, “I know I’m just here in the pizza line with you, but I do know what’s in it.” Because I made it with my team in Oxford and here’s the formula, I’m the best person in the world to tell you what’s in it.” The scientist was then questioned: “What IS in it?” by Good Morning Britain broadcasters Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley, who burst out laughing.

Dr. Green began, “It has the virus in it.” “The vaccine virus, a replication-incompetent chimpanzee adenovirus, is incapable of causing disease in humans.

“The rest of it is pretty much simply salty water, and it’s a delivery method to get the code for spike into your body.”

Other vaccine components were mentioned by an associate professor at Oxford’s Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics (WHG).

The AstraZeneca jab contains sodium chloride, buffer, and preservatives, according to Dr. Green, “to keep it from getting germs in it.”

Dr. Green stated that the book Vaxxers: The Inside Story of the Oxford AstraZeneca Vaccine and the Race Against the Virus, co-authored by her and Professor Sarah Gilbert, contains the complete ingredients list.

Dr. Green also pointed out that “all those ingredients are stated with definitions of what they’re there for.”

Professor Gilbert reassured, “All the vaccines are quite efficient,” but acknowledged that “they’re not flawless.”

“They will never be 100 percent successful in preventing infection in every single person.”

“We’re getting really high levels of protection against serious disease – and that’s a pretty important thing,” Professor Gilbert remarked.

“What matters most is preventing individuals from being infected to the point where they need to go to the hospital – and the vaccine is doing a fantastic job of that.”

When it comes to vaccine apprehension, Dr. Green says it’s “absolutely acceptable” to be wary of new things.

“It is our responsibility to obtain the information.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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