Dr. Derbyshire’s advice: Eat more locally grown fruits and vegetables to lose weight.


Dr. Derbyshire’s advice: Eat more locally grown fruits and vegetables to lose weight.

EATING LOCAL PRODUCE NOT ONLY SUPPORTS British farmers and producers, but it is also healthier for your health. Seasonally cultivated foods have more nutrients, making them healthier than foods eaten out of season. Weight loss can be aided by a healthy physique.

It is a well-known truth that eating more fruits and vegetables is beneficial to your health and can help you lose weight. It is even preferable to eat food cultivated locally than than food imported from other nations, because local foods are more flavorful and contain more nutrients.

Fruit, when eaten as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, can help you lose weight.

Berries are a sort of fruit that is beneficial to the body since they are high in vitamins like vitamin C.

They’re also high in water, which keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Another advantage of eating berries is that stores now sell strawberries and raspberries grown in the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, because flowering and ripening occurred more slowly this year, British strawberries are even larger and juicier.

This was attributed to the UK’s colder winter and spring.

“This year strawberries have developed a little more slowly than usual,” said Nick Marston, Chairman of strawberry suppliers British Summer Fruits.

“The recent cooler weather has resulted in not only delicious, but also larger and juicier British strawberries than in past years.

“We are excited that, thanks to our ever-improving growing techniques, such as large-scale glasshouse production for season extension, we will be able to offer shoppers these locally cultivated fresh berries for an extended period of time.”

Dr. Emma Derbyshire is a public health nutritionist and British Summer Fruits’ advisor.

She spoke exclusively to This website about the advantages of eating locally grown fruit and how to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, as well as other healthier meals.

“There are a few simple methods to include healthier foods into meals,” Dr. Derbyshire stated.

“One option is to sprinkle seeds or berries onto your breakfast bowl, which could include cereals, porridge, or natural yoghurt. Another option is to snack on vegetable crudités in between meals.

“Getting into the habit of healthful portable eating is also beneficial.

“So, put a container of your own snack mix in your bag – dried fruits, berries, mango, raisins, nuts, and seeds.”

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