‘Don’t eat c**p; instead, run and do weights.’ Anne Robinson, 76, reveals her fitness and eating habits.


‘Don’t eat c**p; instead, run and do weights.’ Anne Robinson, 76, reveals her fitness and eating habits.

ANNE ROBINSON credits her good looks to a healthy diet, exercise, and weight training.

Anne Robinson, together with Rachel Riley and Susie Dent, made history when she joined Countdown earlier this year as part of the first all-female presenting team. Anne ensures she keeps her nutrition and exercise on track despite having been on television since 1982 and garnering worldwide notoriety as the host of the BBC quiz show The Weakest Link. Many viewers have remarked on how amazing she looks at the age of 76.

Anne has worked in the media for over five decades.

She traveled to London in 1967 to pursue a career in journalism, and it was there that she met Charles Wilson.

Sarah, their only child, was born to them in 1970, but due to her heavy alcoholism, she divorced and lost custody of her daughter a few years later.

Anne joined Alcoholics Anonymous in 1979, and it was a watershed moment in her life.

Anne was diagnosed with skin cancer in the early 2000s and underwent surgery to remove malignant melanomas.

It’s no wonder, then, that the television host is committed to staying in shape.

Anne revealed in 2017 that she is “permanently on a diet” in order to lose weight.

“I don’t eat breakfast. “I’m like Victoria Beckham – she has a piece of lettuce when she’s really, really, really hungry,” she joked.

Anne said that “you don’t have to be slim to be on television,” but that “you do have to be clever and thin to be on television when you’re old.”

Anne admits to getting a face lift “14 years ago” and “a bit of Botox – [but]not a lot” of Botox throughout the years, which has sparked debate over whether she has had any cosmetic treatments.

Instead, she credits a mix of exercises and routines for a healthy, balanced existence.

“I don’t drink or smoke, to be honest. I don’t eat c**p, and I run and lift weights,” according to Radio Times.

Anne has previously been seen running in Hyde Park with a personal trainer.

“If I wasn’t fit, I’d be in trouble – other from training and slaving over a hot pair of weights, I don’t know of any other method to avoid having bat-wings under your arms,” she has stated.

Diet is also important, as Anne explains in “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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