Doctors had to resuscitate Neil Young after a “extremely bad” sickness – symptoms


Doctors had to resuscitate Neil Young after a “extremely bad” sickness – symptoms

Recording timeless masterpieces like Old Man, Harvest Moon, and Heart of Gold, NEIL YOUNG has built a name for himself. Despite his fame, the actor has fought more medical issues than most, including one that nearly killed him – what are they?

The singer was diagnosed with a variety of illnesses as a child, including epilepsy, polio, and type 1 diabetes. He had degenerated to the point where he could scarcely walk by 1951. He also had to manage his diabetes, which required him to know when to inject insulin and analyze his blood glucose levels. The celebrity also spoke about an epileptic seizure he had in 1967 while at a radio festival. “I was having fun, and you know, maybe I forgot to eat or whatever, I don’t know,” he explained. And then I felt sick to my stomach, and then I started to feel strange and echoey, and then I collapsed, and I don’t recall what happened after that.” He had to contend with epileptic fits while playing, and he said he would always “leave the stage” if he felt one coming on.

Despite his childhood illnesses, nothing prepared him for the life-threatening brain aneurysm he developed at the age of 54, which necessitated emergency surgery.

In his memoir, the actor recalls seeing a “strange thing in [his]eye, like a piece of broken glass.”

“So, I went to my doctor, got an MRI, and the next morning I went to the neurologist,” the actor explained. ‘The good news is, you’re here; you’re looking well,’ he says. The terrible news is that you have a brain aneurysm.’

A brain aneurysm is a bulge in a blood artery caused by a weakening in the blood vessel wall, according to the NHS. Blood pressure causes a small area to inflate outwards like a balloon as it passes through this damaged blood channel.

“It’s quite serious,” Young’s physicians said, “so we’ll have to get rid of it right away.”

Young and his team believed the condition had been resolved after therapy at a New York hospital, and he was soon back to normal.

However, he experienced a terrifying encounter two days after his surgery. “I made,” he said. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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