Data from Scottish patients who may have contracted Covid at a hospital



During this year’s pandemic, no less than 2,133 Scots may have contracted Covid-19 in hospital, figures show.

The incubation period, the time between virus contact and symptom onset, is 5-6 days on average, but may be as long as 14 days.

As of 8 November, a total of 75,173 cases of the virus had occurred in Scotland, of which 1,571 patients (2.1%) tested positive 15 or more days after admission to the hospital, indicating that they were likely to have contracted covid on the wards.

Another 562 patients are described as “probable” hospital cases because, eight to 14 days after admission, they tested positive.

After patients moved between hospitals, Covid cases’ spread like a cruise ship’

Three to seven days after hospital admission, the first positive sample was reported for 496 patients, meaning it is not possible to tell conclusively where they contracted the virus.

The data indicate that 4,899 cases did not occur in the hospital, indicating that on the first or second day after admission, the first positive sample was reported, meaning that they probably contracted the virus in the community.

National Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Related Infection (ARHAI) Scotland, responsible for monitoring hospital-acquired infections, has compiled the statistics.

With 911 cases, the most likely or possible hospital-acquired infections were reported by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Scotland’s largest health board, followed by Lothian (236) and Lanarkshire, which recorded 206 cases.

No “definite” hospital-acquired cases were open to a variety of health boards; Dumfries and Galloway, Orkney, Shetland, and the Western Isles.

Patient died as data shows toll of Covid hospital outbreaks after infection intensive care spread

“In May, The reported how it was said that a decision to transfer elderly patients from Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow to Gartnavel General led to cases spreading “like a cruise ship.” Whistleblowers alleged that in a matter of weeks there were 25 deaths and 81 cases.

It is claimed that when they were admitted to Gartnavel, several patients tested negative but later contracted the virus because in the wards to which they were moved there was “active infection” and they were not isolated upon arrival.

At the time, a hospital source said, “These are not people who came in with Covid, they came in with things like broken hips, falls, dementia, etc., but they were diagnosed with the virus at Gartnavel.”

NHS GGC said it had “learned a lot” about the spread of the virus and said that when it found that there was a rise in cases at the West Glasgow hospital, including the implementation of green, red and yellow routes separating Covid from non-Covid patients, additional infection prevention measures were placed in place.


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