Customers at B&M are perplexed by a brand new Cadbury chocolate bar dubbed “This is Just a Time Out!”


Customers at B&M are perplexed by a brand new Cadbury chocolate bar dubbed “This is Just a Time Out!”

SHOPPERS are split on a brand new Cadbury product available at B&M. Many customers are perplexed by the new chocolate bar.

Cadbury frequently introduces new chocolate bars to its lineup, and the Twirl Breakaway is the most recent addition to the British confectionary company’s lineup. However, many fans have drawn parallels between the new product and an existing one.

Shoppers have chastised Cadbury for introducing a new chocolate bar that is “the same as a Time Out.”

Time Out bars were initially launched to the Cadbury’s collection in 1992, whereas the new Twirl Breakaway was only recently debuted.

It can be purchased at B&M stores.

Many customers, on the other hand, have compared the new offering to a Time Out.

Two bars of chocolate swirls and curls are sandwiched between layers of crispy wafer and topped with milk chocolate in the Twirl Breakaway.

Cadbury described the new product on its website. “Discover exquisite Twirl chocolate swirls and curls with crunchy wafer within, all coated in Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate,” the package claimed.

This sounds like a chocolate wafer bar from Cadbury Time Out.

“A ripple of creamy cocoa filling, sandwiched between two crispy wafers and covered in Cadbury milk chocolate,” according to Cadbury.

New Foods UK, a famous social media account, recently shared a photo of the new Twirl Breakaway on its Instagram page.

“Cadbury Twirl Breakaway Bars are now available at @bm stores,” the tweet said.

Many shoppers commented on the page, claiming that the new product appeared similar.

“Isn’t this just a Time Out?” one individual wondered.

“Sooo it’s Time Out?” remarked someone else.

“Classic Time Out?” wrote one person.

“Like the original Time Outs,” said another.

“This is basically a Time Out!” one client exclaimed. Who knows what happened to them.”

Some buyers, on the other hand, were eager to get their hands on the merchandise.

“Defo one to try,” one person said.

“Omg need,” said another.

This year, B&M and Cadbury have released a slew of new chocolate bars, including the Twirl Breakaway.

Last month, the bargain store introduced Cadbury bars to the UK for the first time.

The Cadbury Neopolitan, a three-layered chocolate formerly only available in Australia, was one of them.


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