‘Crisis point’: As food shortages persist, a meat scarcity could occur in the UK – ‘surely not’.


‘Crisis point’: As food shortages persist, a meat scarcity could occur in the UK – ‘surely not’.

The meat industry has warned that staff absences owing to the coronavirus epidemic could result in meat product shortages in the UK.

Companies have warned that due to large numbers of employees being instructed to self-isolate, the country could experience meat shortages on goods like lamb chops and steaks. The NHS app is ordering up to one-tenth of a meat processor’s staff to quarantine.

The British Meat Processors Association (BMPAchief )’s executive, Nick Allen, has warned that some businesses may be forced to “start closing down production lines completely.”

As the number of Covid cases rises, a greater number of organizations are experiencing difficulty as a result of employee absences.

“As a result, companies are having to streamline their product ranges to compensate for crucial skills being eliminated from their production processes,” Mr Allen continued.

“If the UK employment situation continues to deteriorate, corporations will be compelled to shut down entire production lines.”

The French-trimmed lamb chops with the fat removed, which require more labor from professional butchers, are the first products that could be affected by the shortfall.

Handcrafted burgers and specialty sausages may potentially be impacted.

It comes as up to 500,000 individuals are being encouraged to self-isolate on a daily basis, with firms like Wetherspoons being forced to close premises on short notice.

This summer, meat may not be the only food in short supply.

Due to a shortage of personnel, notably lorry drivers, food and beverage industries have reported difficulties with deliveries to stores.

Haribo recently issued a statement clarifying the situation.

“Haribo is experiencing an extraordinary and continuous rise in demand,” the statement added.

“We’re working nonstop to deal with the matter.

“We’re dealing with a number of issues in our supply chain, including a driver shortage.

“While increased demand is wonderful for the category and the economy as a whole, it does mean we’ll need to revisit our activity plans with all of our wholesale and retail partners to assure the best possible availability.”

“We do not have the appropriate amount of trucks and drivers to satisfy client demand, this is due to a countrywide shortage,” Danone Waters, which owns the bottled water brands Evian and Volvic, said.

A Nestlé Waters spokeswoman stated that the company’s goods had been in strong demand.

“We believe this is being driven by the relaxation of national.” Brinkwire Summary News, they stated.


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