Covid: UK registers 1,041 casualties with the largest daily rise in incidents.


Recent statistics

In the United Kingdom, the highest number of Covid-related deaths during the second wave of the pandemic has now been reported.

The government said that by Wednesday, after testing positive for Covid-19, another 1,041 individuals had died in 28 days – the highest daily number recorded since April 21.

Also, the government said that by 9 a.m. There were a further 62,322 laboratory-confirmed coronavirus cases in the United Kingdom on Wednesday.

This takes the maximum number of cases to 2,836,801 in the UK.

The death statistics published by the government, however, appear to be influenced by a delay in the release of new data and include some deaths that are only now being reported during the Christmas and New Year period.

Meanwhile, the U.K. published different figures. Death statistics agencies that listed Covid-19 on the death certificate, along with additional data on deaths that have occurred in recent days, indicate that there have now been 93,000 deaths in the United Kingdom involving Covid-19.

This comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that there is now a race between spreading the virus to those most at risk and receiving vaccines.

He said, “Our emergence from the cocoon of lockdown will not be a big bang, but a gradual unpacking.”


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