Covid Scotland: The lockdown declaration by Nicola Sturgeon sparks’ relief’



First Minister Nicola Sturgeon urged Scots, after declaring an enforced lockout period that would last until at least the end of January, to comply with the new restrictions.

Ms. Sturgeon, speaking to MPs at Holyrood, set out proposals for expanded limits, including the closing of most students’ schools.

She said, ‘I know it’s going to be incredibly difficult for the next few weeks.

I am sorry that I must ask for more sacrifices after nine long months. But these are important sacrifices.

“Nicola Sturgeon puts Scotland back in lockdown “keep at home

“And the difference between now and last March is that now, with the help of vaccines, we have the confidence that they will pave the way to brighter days in the future. So – for everyone’s sake and safety – please stick with it and stay home.”

The First Minister also returned, saying, “Stay home. Save lives. Protect the NHS.” to the public messages from the March lockdown.

On social media, some shared the view that it was “the right thing to do,” to implement the latest lockout measures, while others questioned why the U.K. The government has not yet followed England’s suit.

Coronavirus Scotland: schools until February to remain closed

Boris Johnson is under growing pressure to announce immediate new coronavirus closure measures in the wake of Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement for Scotland, as he admitted that there was “no question” that tougher action was needed.

“in due course”in due course”do whatever is necessary.”do whatever is required.

Why is it so slow for the British government to act before it acts?
It’s time to keep up with the other nations of the United Kingdom, such as Scotland, and enforce the lockout.

Scotland’s lockout starts tonight at midnight.

– January 4, 2021 Euan Anderssonn (@FreeThinker2030)

Thank you for being fair, Scotland, and walking the walk. I have a sense that the lockdown must be stringent and could last more than a month.
– 4 January 2021 GARETH REES (@gxrethrees)

Looks like I’m going to spend my birthday in complete lockdown, so it looks like because of lockdown I’m going to have to postpone my film output.

I’m cool with that, so why? And I’m not a greedy scoundrel. This is to save lives and prevent the #lockdown #Scotland virus from spreading
-Conor Robert Purvis, January 4, 2021(@conorpurvis)

Hey @NicolaSturgeon – I understand why you need a full lockdown…. But please take this, PLEASE, as a trigger to consider adopting a UBI in Scotland. Without a social safety net @Ianblackford MPP, people can’t deal with the trauma they’ve been through twice this spring.
– 4 January 2021-Lisa Pasquale BArch MSc MCIBSE (@6CylinderLTD)

Full lockout from midnight tonight until the end of January in Scotland, thank goodness.

– Iain / Unpopular Mechanics (@UnMech) January 4, 2021

That’s awful news, but it’s exactly the right thing to do. #scotlandlockdowndowndown
January 4, 2021 – Darren Jalland (@CountingSheep5)

I can’t imagine England and Wales being far behind if Scotland is totally shut down as of tonight.

– 4 January 2021 Graham (@GrayPilch501)

Tonight at midnight until the end of January, Scotland goes into complete lockdown, schools closed until Feb 1, and I’m relieved. Let’s hope this is appropriate.
January 4, 2021 — Amy (@bumblepai)

So that’s Scotland from tonight, heading into lockdown. Stay safe everyone #JoinIn
– kg (@caithnessbobble) January 4, 2021

The First Minister in Scotland has just announced full lockdown for January. She thinks we’re 4 weeks behind London. Still can’t believe Westminster’s dithering.

– Catriona Gill (@LintonLass) January 4, 2021


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