Covid Limitations on Boxing Day: What are the latest Level 4 rules in Scotland?


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On Boxing Day, for at least three weeks, the entire Scottish mainland will be put under Stage 4 restrictions – the strongest of the five levels.

With the exception of takeaways, drive-throughs and delivery services, unimportant shops, pubs and restaurants will have to close while only important journeys will be enabled.

Only the Scottish islands — the Orkney Islands, the Shetland Islands and the Western Isles — will be graded as Category 3, with the remainder of mainland Scotland under the strictest watch.

Step 4 will start at what time on Boxing Day?

On December 26, from 00:01 onwards, all of mainland Scotland is at Level 4 and subject to the strictest travel restrictions.

Coronavirus Scotland: In Scotland, what are the latest Covid Christmas rules?

When will the rules for level 4 be reviewed?

According to Ms. Sturgeon, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced that Level 4 will be reviewed after two weeks.

Professor Jason Leitch has cautioned that a March-style lockdown could be appropriate to suppress the latest strain of coronavirus rather than the restrictions applied in November, the national clinical director of Scotland said. “Prof. Leitch said, “If it comes to a point where we need more, and if even 0.4 raises the R count, which is the lower end of what Nervtag is proposing, that means you have to get to a R count of 0.5 in old money.

And with this latest version, compared to the old variant, you’d get 0.9.

That’s really, really hard. That would mean someone who could work from home would be working.

“It would be in March rather than November.”

Will police patrols be there?

After the prime minister announced tighter coronavirus controls, Police Scotland will double its presence along the border with England.

Police Commissioner Iain Livingstone said “very visible patrols” will be deployed on the roads to “deter anyone considering breaching the coronavirus travel restrictions.”

He added that setting up checkpoints or roadblocks to strictly enforce the travel restrictions would not be acceptable or proportionate for officials.

Coronavirus Scotland: Christmas travel ban for police patrols

“These high visibility patrols will be proactively deployed on our road networks to continue our operational activity and ensure drivers and vehicles are in a roadworthy condition,” he said.

“The patrols will also deter anyone who might consider violating the coronavirus travel restrictions.”

Coronavirus:’ Don’t threaten’ travel ban, expanded police patrols

Are they influenced by schools?

Under new plans, for most students, the Christmas holiday will now be extended until Jan. 11, while schools will reopen as scheduled for the most disadvantaged students and children of key staff.

But for at least the first week of the new school year, classes will be offered online, Ms. Sturgeon reported.

“She said, “After that – assuming we are sure that we have the virus under control – we will try to completely reopen schools.

“But at least until January 18, schools will only be open to the children of key workers and those most at risk.”

After the Christmas break, when will children in Scotland return to school?

And why was this introduced?

The move comes after scientists from the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (NervTag) of the government concluded that the mutant strain reported by Public Health England is spreading faster, known as VUI2020/01.

It could be up to 70 percent more transmissible than the old version, Ms. Sturgeon said.

What would happen if the rules are violated by people?

Police Scotland’s deputy chief Alan Speirs said travel restriction enforcement “will continue to be a last resort where there is a clear breach of the legislation.

“Where travel restrictions apply, officers will continue to use their common sense, discretion and excellent judgment, as they have done since the crisis began.”Where travel restrictions apply, officers will continue to use their common sense, discretion and excellent judgment, as they have done since the beginning of the crisis.

The current restrictions mean it is illegal to travel in or out of Tier 3 or 4 community areas without a valid waiver.

Police have the power to impose fines of £60 on those breaking the rules, halving them to £30 if paid within 28 days.

What happens in the rest of the UK?

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