Coronavirus Scotland: Daily statistics suggest a rise in cases


Scots have been advised on New Year’s Day not to visit other people’s homes as the number of positive coronavirus cases has been “worryingly high” in the last 24 hours.

After statistics showed that more than 2500 people in Scotland tested positive on Hogmanay, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon cautioned that the new version was’ accelerating the spread’.

Daily statistics released by the Scottish government revealed that yesterday, a total of 2539 individuals reported positive infections.

This takes the cumulative number to 129,992 since the start of the pandemic.

A total of 28,313 new studies recorded results for Covid-19, of which 9.7 percent were positive.

On Twitter, Ms. Sturgeon said on Friday that if Scots choose not to follow the rules, they would put others at risk.

If you walk someone for the first time today, or hug/kiss/handshake them HNY, you are putting yourself, others & the NHS at risk,”PLEASE do not visit other people’s homes right now, even today – if you walk someone for the first time today, or hug/kiss/handshake them HNY, you are putting yourself, others & the NHS at risk,”Please do not visit other people’s homes right now, even today.

1/2 The case numbers today are disturbingly high again. Accelerating the spread is the latest version. PLEASE don’t visit the homes of other people, even today – if you reach out or hug/kiss/shake hands with someone for the first time today, you risk yourself, others & the NHS
January 1, 2021 – Nicola Sturgeon (@NicolaSturgeon)

“Today’s case numbers are again worryingly high. The new variant is accelerating the spread.”

She cautioned that while the “vaccine cavalry” is on the way, because the pandemic started in March, the next few weeks could be “the most dangerous” that Scotland has encountered.

“The vaccine cavalry is on its way and offers real hope for 2021 – but with this new variant, the next few weeks could be the most dangerous we have faced since March/April,” she said. “We must act together to suppress it to save lives and protect the NHS – stay tuned.”

The holidays are impacted by regular updates, with officials revealing only data on the number of new Covid-19 cases and the test positivity rate.

The number of new casualties has not been revised as a result.

On Tuesday, Jan. 5, the new daily data on deaths and hospitalizations will be released, including data for that day as well as for the previous four days.

The biggest rise in daily cases since the pandemic started was yesterday. It registered a total of 2622 new cases.

There were an additional 68 deaths recorded, raising the death toll to 4578.

Today’s statistics come after police broke up last night’s midnight Hogmanay gatherings.

Crowds were seen at Edinburgh Castle and at the top of Edinburgh’s Calton Hill, where police said multiple gatherings had been broken up.

People gathered at midnight in George Square in Glasgow, but police reported there were no concerns and no action was required.

“A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said, “We were aware of gatherings about midnight on Hogmanay at Edinburgh Castle and Calton Hill.

“Officers spoke to those present and explained current government regulations, after which the groups dispersed without incident.”


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