Coronavirus Scotland: Cases in Shetland on the rise


If cases continue to increase, Shetland is at risk of hitting the most extreme level of coronavirus restrictions in the country.

Over the past week, with 14 more cases reported yesterday, the islands have seen a rise in positive infections, taking the total to 30 in seven days.

The head of NHS Shetland, Elizabeth Robinson, urged people to do whatever they can to protect each other.

As the latest Covid strain triggers a doubling of Wigtownshire cases in two days, significant question about services

“This is not a time to judge or point fingers, but rather for each of us to look at our own actions and make sure we are doing everything possible to protect ourselves and others,” she said.

“If the rate of infection continues, it is almost certain that Shetland will be moved to Level 4.”

On Boxing Day, Shetland was put in Stage 3, as the Scottish mainland moved to Stage 4.

Wigtownshire, Dumfries & Gallowayay, nursing home visits suspended

Now, as a consequence of the current outbreak, which has been described as the most serious since March, the islands are at risk of joining the rest of mainland Scotland.

In southern Scotland, where the number of cases has more than doubled in a matter of days since the latest mutant strain broke out, this comes amid concerns.

After the number of cases jumped from 64 on Boxing Day to 142 on Monday, people in Wigtownshire were advised to remain at home.


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