Coronavirus Scotland: After 15 residents die, the license is revoked at Thornlea Nursing Home


After half of their residents died due to Covid-19, a nursing home had its license revoked.

The action was brought against Thornlea Nursing Home, a nursing home in Loanhead, Midlothian, at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Tuesday after 15 residents died as a result of the coronavirus.

Under section 65(3) of the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010, the Care Inspectorate demanded an injunction suspending registration of the care home.

The suspension will not take effect until Jan. 18 because a number of residents are already seeking treatment at home – all with coronavirus.

Midlothian’s Thornlea Nursing Home could close due to ‘serious concerns’

“David Logan, the Care Inspectorate representative, told the court, “The reason why January 18 is suitable is because there are still 14 tenants in the home.

And these residents are being moved from the Midlothian Alliance for Health and Social Services (HCSP).

“But since they have Covid, that’s a complicated matter, and a lot of them even suffer from dementia.

“It is difficult to put them in an alternative environment.

“So the partnership has asked us to give them enough time for this to happen, given the time of year.”

Mr. Logan reported that six residents had died due to coronavirus when the suspension order was first filed with the court.

By the beginning of December, the number had increased to 15 – half of the tenants of the building.

“He said, “The former tenants of the house…. Sadly, since the order was filed with the court, the situation has changed considerably.

“At that time, six people had died from Covid. That number is now, regrettably, 15.

“That’s half of the residents that were on site. It’s a very serious situation, unfortunately.”

He added: “I don’t try to blame apportionment because the home has considerable difficulty with the fact that employees are also infected.”

“The home has received considerable help from the HSCP, and it’s the judgment of the chasers and the partnership that everyone needs to get out of that home until things are resolved.”

“The agreement is that if the situation changes significantly and all concerns are resolved and the defendants want to seek a recall, they would be able to do that.”

The owners agreed to the injunction, a Thornlea Nursing Home representative said.

In Aberdeenshire nursing home, coronavirus outbreak study is ongoing

He added: “The defenders are trying to work with Midlothian HSCP and the Care Inspectorate and hope that in the near future the injunction will be withdrawn.”

“The owners have also agreed not to accept any new residents into the home until January 18.”

A spokesperson for the Care Inspectorate said following the hearing, “An order was made today at the Edinburgh Sheriff Court to suspend the registration of Thornlea Nursing Home in Loanhead, Midlothian, with effect from January 18, 2021. With the agreement of both parties, this order was made.”

“The Care Inspectorate is working closely with partners in the Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership and the Scottish Government to ensure that people living at Thornlea Nursing Home receive safe care,” he said.

Since significant issues were posed during an inspection, we have taken these legal steps to ensure that people experience safe treatment. Suspending the registration of the provider would allow the transfer to residents’ alternative care arrangements.

“We will continue to monitor the service closely. An inspection report will be published in due course.”


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