Coronavirus Scotland: Activities are suspended by Borders General Hospital


Due to a growing number of positive cases of Covid in the area, a hospital in Scotland has canceled routine surgeries through February.

Initially, managers at Borders General Hospital suspended activities before the end of the year.

But now NHS Borders says it is planning for a “further increase in demand” and will now extend the cancellation period.

Ralph Roberts, Chief Executive of NHS Borders, said, “It is not easy to make this decision, but it is necessary to ensure that we are able to continue vital services during this challenging time.”

‘Worrying’ incidents prior to Christmas in the Scottish Borders

In confirmed cases of covid in the Borders, we continue to see an increase and we need to schedule our services accordingly,”We continue to see an increase in confirmed cases of covid in the Borders and we need to plan our services accordingly,”

“I would like to apologize to those who have been affected by this decision and I fully understand how disappointing this must be.”

Mr Roberts said that “paramount”

“Winter puts a huge strain on health and care services every year, and that’s without the impact of this deadly virus,” he said.

“In the months ahead, the decisions we all take now will have an effect, so please obey the rules.

“These rules are really important so we can protect each other and have time in the coming months for the Covid vaccination program.”


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