Coronavirus: Grampian hospital In Dumfries and Gallowayay, cases of Covid increase by more than 70–and double


Since Christmas Day, Grampian has jumped in the number of patients hospitalized with Covid.

A 71 percent increase in the number of individuals treated for Covid was reported by the health department, from 42 on Christmas Day to 72 on New Year’s Eve.

The rise is much higher than the 21 percent national average increase over the same timeframe.

In intensive care, the number of covid cases has also grown more dramatically than anywhere else in Scotland, more than doubling from five to eleven.

A lagging predictor is hospital cases, typically representing infections that occurred from two or three weeks ago.

This came after Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire were upgraded in mid-December from level 2 to level 3 restrictions as the number of cases of coronavirus in the area increased alarmingly – from an average of 57 a day on Dec. 1 to 90 on Dec. 15.

Heading to stage three, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and East Lothian

Like the rest of mainland Scotland, since Boxing Day, the area has been under Stage Four restrictions.

In Dumfries and Galloway, the number of Covid patients has doubled – from seven on Christmas Day to 14 on New Year’s Eve.

The number of Covid patients rose by 18 percent between Christmas Day and December 31, from 282 to 332 in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, while NHS Lothian saw a similar 16 percent increase, from 167 to 193.

From 153 to 201, NHS Lanarkshire saw a greater rise of 31 percent.

A mutated UK strain is responsible for about 40 percent of coronavirus infections.

In Greater Glasgow and Clyde, however, the rise in covid patients in the ICU was slightly higher – from six to 13 – while in Lanarkshire it increased by one (from 10 to 11) and in Lothian by four (from eight to 12).

After the beginning of 2021, there is currently no reported statistics on hospital numbers, but new estimates from tomorrow should be updated on the Scottish Government website.


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