Coronavirus Australia Live News: NSW reports eight new cases of covid, Victoria reports three new cases of covid,


Many clients of the Sydney Bottle Shop are known as close contacts and must be isolated for 14 days. Follow the most recent updates

More information about the eight new cases reported in NSW is given here.

Five of them are affiliated with a growing cluster of BWS bottle shops on Woodburn Road in Western Sydney’s Berala. This cluster now has 13 cases connected with it.

Two of the recent cases are connected to the Avalon cluster, and one is connected to a previously identified Wollongong case.

Eight new cases of locally acquired coronavirus and three cases of returning travellers in hotel quarantine have been confirmed by NSW. A press conference is being held by the NSW government now.

We’re still at a press conference in Victoria, where reporters are asking several questions about the government’s willingness to test all the people who have returned to the state.

All those people who had returned – and there were about 60,000 – were asked to take a survey.

Jacinta Allan, the acting premier, reports that workers are being increased and that some have returned from leave:

Yeah, after a year of making sure our hard-working health care staff had the chance to take a little break, it was a struggle over a vacation week, a holiday weekend.

We have called so many of them back, and we thank them for coming back from their holiday to help out this weekend, and we are building additional capacity at our test sites around the state yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

In order to stop the New Year’s Day closure, Victoria’s Covid response commander, Jeroen Weimar, says about 60,000 Victorians have rushed home from NSW.

On Saturday night, the Victorian government sent them a text message asking them what they wanted to do next, based on the details they had provided to get permission to go home.

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Has he recently returned from NSW to Victoria? With specifics about what you need to do to get checked and isolated, you will receive an SMS notification shortly.

Here you will find more information:

2nd January, 2021

A little more from Victoria in the cluster around the Smile Buffalo Thai Cafe in Melbourne’s Black Rock suburb of Bayside.

Allen Cheng, Deputy Chief Health Officer, states that there are 21 cases related to the cafe or resulting from family gatherings of people connected to the cafe:

We haven’t found the source so far, but we’re pursuing a variety of lines of inquiry, including one person who was in Sydney but outside of the northern beaches.

He gave some insight into the process of finding contact for the interview. One interview lasted more than five hours, and over 200 similar contacts were revealed.

He also said that authorities already have a “long list” of potential places for publicity.

The health officials of Victoria are now thinking about the value of testing and encouraging people to tolerate the long lines.

Says Jacinta Allan:

At our testing centers around the state, Saturday was a very, very busy testing day.

I want to understand firsthand that people have been waiting for their tests for a long time, and we would like to thank people for their patience.

It shows that Victorians understand whether they are returning travelers or have any signs of the significance of getting checked.

Jeroen Weimar, the Covid outreach manager for Victoria, says he expects 8,000 more findings from today’s Covid 19 tests on Saturday. Despite the queues, he asks individuals to persevere.

It is essential that we do everything we can to identify all possible sources of transmission elsewhere in the state, and therefore the testing effort that everyone is putting in, the effort of thousands of people coming forward to get tested every day is incredibly important so that we can ensure that we flush this out once and for all. We’ll be in much better shape once we get this up to the planned zero.

The acting Premier of Victoria, Jacinta Allan, is now speaking.

She says the three new locally acquired cases are all related to the cluster associated with the Black Rock Thai restaurant.

We’re waiting for a live Victorian government press conference to begin.

Any minute now. We will hear from the Acting Premier, Jacinta Allan.

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