Colson Smith’s weight loss: The Corrie star reveals his dramatic 10-pound weight loss thanks to a training plan.


Colson Smith’s weight loss: The Corrie star reveals his dramatic 10-pound weight loss thanks to a training plan.

COLSON SMITH is a British actor best known for his role in ITV’s Coronation Street as Craig Tinker. In recent months, the soap staple has astonished fans by sharing his spectacular weight loss journey.

Colson Smith’s appearance has altered dramatically since he originally appeared on Coronation Street in 2011. Over the previous year, the 23-year-old has shed a significant amount of weight, documenting his progress on social media. How did he pull it off?

Colson Smith is only 23, but he has already had a long and successful acting career, starring in ITV’s Coronation Street as one of the major characters.

However, the actor has recently made headlines for shedding an astounding amount of weight, not for Craig Tinker’s pranks.

Colson decided to make his weight loss progress even easier to follow by filming a documentary after documenting his journey on social media during last year’s first nationwide lockdown.

The short film, titled Bored of Being the Fat Kid, gives audiences an inside look at how Colson lost weight.

In June, Colson announced the release of his documentary on social media, saying, “In the past 14 months, I’ve learned so much about myself, much of it while wearing my trainers and pounding the pavement.”

“In January 2020, I decided it would be a good idea to start chronicling some of my days in order to stay motivated and look back on one.”

“I never planned on sharing this film, I suppose I was too afraid for anyone to see me,” the 23-year-old continued.

“I designed it for myself to sit alone in my room and almost shout ‘Well Done Colson’ one day. But now I suppose I’ll have the opportunity to assist someone else who is in a similar situation to me.

“The documentary is about my jogging, food, fitness, and weight loss adventures.

“This is my chance to share my story in my own way.”

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Colson is said to have lost ten stone.

“We are in direct continuity, but I’ve almost lost around ten stone since we left work, so I’m not sure that [my hair]is going to be the biggest of their issues,” he told The Sun in April, while he was on a break from Coronation Street.

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