Christmas message from Nicola Sturgeon: She pays tribute to health and care staff


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Nicola Sturgeon paid homage in her Christmas letter to health and care staff.

The First Minister recognized that for the country, the Covid 19 pandemic would make this “a Christmas like no other”

She said in her letter, ‘I want to wish all of you a very happy Christmas.

“At the same time, I realize that Christmas is not a holiday at all for many people – for starters, our emergency services and the armed forces.

“And it will be another working day at the end of a full year for many health and care staff.

I want to say to each and every one of you, thank you. The whole nation is so thankful for the devotion, knowledge and compassion that you have given us this year.

I just want to agree that, for all of us, this will be a Christmas like no other.

“As we have done so many times this year, by staying away from each other, we will show our love for each other.

This is going to be very difficult for us all, but particularly for kids, for whom Christmas is such a special and exciting time.

But they should know that when kids see this, we have made special plans to ensure that Santa comes to visit anyway.

And if you miss people you usually see at Christmas time—maybe your grandmother and grandfather, your uncles and aunts, or other members of your family—they’ll give you extra love.

“And please note, above all, that future Christmases are not going to be this way.

Hopefully, this time next year, we’ll all look forward to a far more natural celebration.

After the Christmas holidays, when will children in Scotland go back to school?

Of course, Christmas can be very difficult for individuals who live alone, or the less fortunate in our society.

Every year it’s like that, but it’s even worse this year.

That is why we should reach out to others if we can, even if it is between us.

By making phone calls, sending cards or sharing thoughts online, almost all of us will be in touch with our loved ones.’

And many people provide support and assistance to those who most need it.

Thanks to those of you who do that.

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“One of the bright spots of 2020, in an otherwise very dark and difficult year, is the way people have helped each other through this pandemic with kindness, compassion and love,” he said.

“I hope that we can continue to take these values to heart during this difficult time and spread some much-needed holiday cheer,” he said.

So for Christmas, I want to wish you all the very best. I wish you a happy, safe and prosperous Christmas and a promising New Year, above all.

“Merry Christmas.”


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