Chaser reveals first Parkinson’s symptom – and it’s not a tremor – in Paul Singha’s health.


Paul Singha’s health: Chaser reveals first Parkinson’s symptom – and it’s not a tremor.

PAUL SINHA is best known for being a member of ITV’s The Chase’s formidable team of quizzers.

The former doctor and comedian, who goes by the moniker The Sinnerman, has had a lot of success in keeping aspiring contestants from winning a cash prize.

Behind the scenes, however, the star is battling an incurable illness that he revealed today will “worsen.”

After experiencing shoulder pain, Paul turned to Google to figure out what was causing his symptoms.

Sadly, the star and former doctor discovered that every symptom he was experiencing was “textbook” symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, and he was shocked to learn that he could not avoid a life-threatening diagnosis.

According to the NHS, Parkinson’s disease is a condition in which parts of the brain progressively deteriorate.

Paul discussed his condition and the symptoms he’s been experiencing since his diagnosis in May 2019 on Channel 5 News.

“It’s been a rough couple of years,” the star said.

“Whew, what a ride!”

Paul had a mixed year in 2019, as he married despite his Parkinson’s diagnosis.

“It was mixed,” Paul said when asked how he felt about the ordeal.

I had a great time winning the British Quiz Championships and marrying my husband.

The diagnosis of a progressive neurological disease was less appealing.”

A loss of nerve cells in a part of the brain causes the condition.

There is a decrease in a chemical called dopamine as a result of the loss of nerve cells.

According to the NHS, dopamine is essential for body movement regulation, and a lack of it is responsible for the majority of symptoms.

“A lot of people associate Parkinson’s with tremors and shakes,” Paul said of his own symptoms. “But really, I started with a stiff right shoulder.”

“My reflexes on the right side of my body are extremely slow.

I also have a slight limp, but my right arm isn’t very functional.”

Despite remaining upbeat about his health, the actor’s work life has been disrupted by his increasing symptoms.

After he abruptly left the spin-off show Beat the Chasers, fans were concerned.

But, in response to his absence from the show, Paul took to Twitter, writing:

“News from the Brinkwire.”


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