Cadbury introduces new Dairy Milk chocolate bars with “unusual” flavors – “I’m fascinated”


Cadbury introduces new Dairy Milk chocolate bars with “unusual” flavors – “I’m fascinated”

CADBURY has introduced three new intriguing flavors of its popular Dairy Milk bar to stores nationwide. It’s part of the company’s “Cadbury Inventor” competition.

Cadbury has announced the debut of three new chocolate bars, which are currently available in stores for £1.49. Fans can vote for their favorite Dairy Milk bar to become the newest addition to the renowned line.

Roxy’s Cadbury Dairy Milk Fizzing Cherry, Josh’s Cadbury Dairy Milk Banoffee Nut Crumble, and Sophie’s Cadbury Dairy Milk No Frownie Brownie are among the new chocolate bars.

Milk chocolate with banoffee pie-inspired fudge chunks, golden almond caramel pieces, and crispy biscuits make up the Banoffee Nut Crumble.

Milk chocolate with soft chews of fruit cherry bits, tingly cracking bursting candies, and crispy biscuits make up the cherry chocolate bar.

Sophie’s No Frownie Brownie, the third chocolate bar, is made with milk chocolate, gooey chocolate brownie chunks, golden salted caramel chips, and flaky biscuits.

“I developed this bar as an ode to my Mum’s favorite sweet treat,” Sophie, the 19-year-old behind the chocolate bar, said.

“Because we’re both chocoholics who enjoy preparing brownies together in the kitchen on rainy days, having a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar with brownie pieces in it is a dream come true for us.”

The winning bar will be available in all major UK shops’ shelves.

The Cadbury Inventor competition, now in its third year, encouraged the public to come up with new and interesting flavors, and it got over 180,000 submissions from the UK and Ireland.

Cadbury has teamed up with Jordan North, a radio host, to teach the public how to judge like a pro and put their newly acquired judgment skills to the test.

“I’ve been evaluating the nation’s finicky teas in recent years, so I guess I know a thing or two about being a self-confessed food critic,” he remarked. We’re sharing our chocolate tasting talents with the public, encouraging fans to be the judges of this year’s Inventor bars, thanks to a partnership with Cadbury specialists.

“What could be more delicious than sampling three brand-new Cadbury Dairy Milk flavors and voting for your favorite, just like the pros?” So, summon your inner chocolate connoisseur and start evaluating; I can’t wait to hear which flavor you believe is the best!”

“Brinkwire Summary News,” added Pippa Rodgers, Cadbury Tablets Brand Manager.


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