Cadbury enthusiasts are outraged by the Bournville chocolate makeover, saying, “I can’t eat it anymore.”


Cadbury enthusiasts are outraged by the Bournville chocolate makeover, saying, “I can’t eat it anymore.”

Customers have been irritated by the discovery that CADBURY’s Bournville Giant Buttons may not be appropriate for vegans.

Cadbury’s Bournville, an unintentional vegan chocolate, has delighted chocolate lovers for years. Vegan consumers have been left wondering if they can still eat the popular food item after noticing a change in the packaging of its huge chocolate buttons.

Customers who noted the addition of milk powder to the ingredient list on select grocery websites were the first to discover it.

“Warning!” one consumer said on Instagram in response to the news. Buttons from Cadbury Bournville are no longer vegan!

“The recipe has been modified on supermarket websites to include milk powder.”

Cadbury had not updated the ingredients list on its website, according to reports at the time.

However, the Bournville Giant Buttons now say on Cadbury’s website that they “may contain milk.”

Skimmed milk powder is listed as an ingredient in both Tesco and Sainsbury’s big chocolate buttons.

The chocolate buttons are also “vegetarian-friendly,” according to the stores.

Customers took to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the product and cautioned others to avoid it.

“Can you explain why, after years of being a beloved unintentionally vegan product, you’ve decided to lace your products with milk powder?” one user asked.

“I’m not sure why you’d do something like this. I’m devastated and enraged.”

“I just discovered out they put milk in the Bournville buttons, and it’s destroyed my day; I can’t eat it anymore,” complained another.

Another said, “I just heard that Bournville buttons are no longer vegan, and quite frankly, that’s the worst news I’ve gotten all week.”

“There has been no change to the recipe; the change is in the manner the hazards of dairy cross contamination are mentioned on our packaging,” Cadbury told this website.

“Despite extensive cleaning, traces of milk residues can still be found on industrial equipment, according to a recent audit.

“As a result, our packaging has been updated to guarantee that consumers are not put at danger, and we now explicitly declare on the product that milk remnants are present.

“The risk to allergy sufferers has not altered because the recipes and materials used to make our goods have not changed.

“We are now clearly indicating on the pack that the absence of milk cannot be guaranteed.

“It will almost definitely be.” Brinkwire Summary News


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