Britons are among the most concerned people in the world about the relaxing of Covid restrictions.


Britons are among the most concerned people in the world about the relaxing of Covid restrictions.

According to a new study, over eight out of ten people are concerned about the relaxing of lockdown restrictions, and more than a third will avoid large crowds and social gatherings owing to covid-related health worries.

The report comes as a psychologist points to preliminary research that shows Britons are among the most concerned about Covid, compared to Americans, Chinese, and Europeans. Following the announcement that forced social separation and mask wearing will expire on July 19, a new survey finds that many Britons are concerned about the relaxation of restrictions due to increased post-pandemic health concerns.

MedicAlert, a medical ID charity, polled 2,006 adults and found that 77 percent of UK adults are concerned about the loosening of lockdown restrictions. Despite the final roadmap out of lockdown confirming the rule of six for gatherings will be scrapped, 35% of those polled plan to avoid crowds and social gatherings.

Separate research led by Professor Marcantonio Spada of London’s Southbank University (LSBU) and Professor Ana Nikevi of Kingston University found that up to one in five people have developed a set of behaviors known as Covid anxiety syndrome, which keeps them “stuck in a state of threat and fear” about becoming infected with the virus and may prevent them from returning.

Age, gender, and vaccination status were found to be ineffective indicators of who would be affected.

It was discovered that 40% of people avoid touching things in public places, and 30% avoid taking public transportation for the same reason. Twenty-three percent said they avoided going out in public settings, and twenty-five percent said they were paying close attention to those who appeared to be showing symptoms of the illness.

“Our data indicates that after one month of re-opening society, many people are still struggling with aspects of Covid anxiety syndrome, a similar figure to what we previously observed during full lockdown,” said Professor Marcantonio Spada, Professor of Addictive Behaviours and Mental Health at LSBU.

“This means that many people are still finding it difficult to disconnect from the Covid danger, which could make returning to normal everyday life more difficult if limitations are lifted.”

The scientists also conducted global comparisons of 6,000 persons using data acquired between March 2021 and March 2022. Preliminary results of the. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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