Brexit trade deal: Company reaction: more border disruption issues remain


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As a post-Brexit deal was reached, business leaders said there was no cause for celebration.

“A deal has emerged ridiculously late and there’s a huge amount of detail to assess.”A deal has emerged ridiculously late and there is a huge amount of detail to determine.

He said it will “ensure we avoid crippling tariffs of up to 80 percent on some of our key food exports.”

Before ministers pop the champagne corks, however, they need to be aware in just a few days of the possibility of further disruption at our ports,”However, before ministers pop the champagne corks, they need to be aware of the risk of further disruption at our ports in just a few days,”

“The tariff threat has been averted, but we remain very concerned about the wave of new export controls soon to be introduced.”

On the Brexit trade agreement with the UK, Boris Johnson speaks out.

He said, “We have been warning the UK government about disruption and a lack of preparedness for months. We have lost a period of transition and only now, a week before we leave, do we know what we’re getting into.”

We call on the government of the United Kingdom to seek a grace period now for the implementation on 1 January of the new export controls.

After a nightmare year and a devastated Christmas export season for many, companies can not afford more damage. The UK government must be prepared with financial aid if they face more losses through no fault of their own.

With four working days before the end of the year, there are approximately 2000 pages to examine in depth. The news about the export of seed potatoes to Europe, which is so important to Scottish farmers, is already grim. As of January 1, they now appear to be blocked. The word ‘free trade’ would definitely not apply to them.

BCC Director-General Adam Marshall said, “After four long years of uncertainty and upheaval, and with only a few days to go before the end of the transition period, companies will be able to gather little more than a weary and muted cheer.”

Although industries would welcome the agreement on a new basis for trade between the United Kingdom and the EU, they are now faced with the daunting task of adjusting to the new arrangements, with just under a week to go before they enter into force.

“Businesses need to digest the content of the agreement and consider what the rules mean for the cross-border movement of goods, people and data, as well as for their supply chains and partners,” he said.

We emphasize that it is the duty of the government to provide companies with straightforward, succinct and thorough guidelines so they can make the required adjustments quickly. Until the last minute, far too many specifics and procedures were simply put off.

Deal: Great Britain and the EU enter agreement on a post-Brexit trade deal

United Kingdom and EU enter consensus on a trade agreement

The United Kingdom and European Union negotiators have reached consensus on a post-Brexit trade deal.

The deal was finalized on Christmas Eve after months of negotiations and last-minute wrangling – only a week before the new trade agreements expire.

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