Because he ate Tesco poppy seed bread, a man claims he failed a drug test.


Because he ate Tesco poppy seed bread, a man claims he failed a drug test.

A MAN says that two slices of poppy seed bread caused him to fail a drug test for a new job.

Despite not taking any medication, a drug test revealed that he had opium in his system, which surprised him. Before a job interview, the man claims he ate two slices of Tesco poppy seed bread in a sandwich. “Poppy seeds come from the seedpod of the opium poppy,” according to the Healthline website. When the seeds are collected, opium extract might soak or coat them. Opium extract is used to manufacture morphine, codeine, and heroin, among other opioid medications.

“Even though poppy seeds are thoroughly cleaned before being processed for consumer usage in baking and cooking, trace levels of opiate residue may remain.

“The concentration isn’t high enough to cause any opioid symptoms, but it’s high enough to cause false positive drug tests.

According to PlymouthLive, the man’s sister wanted to raise awareness so that others were aware that anything like this may happen.

“Just a short one for everyone to be aware of,” she commented on social media. My brother went for a job interview today and was required to take a drug test, which he failed due to the presence of opium in his system.

“He avoids painkillers because he is afraid of drugs and painkillers. He arrived to my house yesterday, and I had brought his favorite bread. He brought four slices home, ate two the day before, and built a sandwich to take to the interview.

“POPPY SEEDS were the reason he failed his drug test! He didn’t obtain the job because he failed, no matter how hard he tried to persuade them. So just a heads up: 2-3 days before a drug test, don’t eat seeded bread with POPPY SEEDS.”

Tesco claims to have a variety of policies in place and works closely with its suppliers to ensure that low-opiate cultivars are sourced. They follow EU and UK guidelines to reduce the amounts of contaminants as much as feasible through excellent harvesting practices.

The grocery chain also ensures that suppliers adhere to the EU and UK guidelines and monitors that they stay below those levels to ensure that they are safe to eat.

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