Australia coronavirus news live: among NSW covid hotspots, south coast locations, though Victoria reports no new cases


As the national cabinet meets to discuss vaccinations and international travel, thousands of people are being encouraged to get screened. Track all the latest updates and news

As part of a $6 million tourism package from the federal government, individuals traveling to Tasmania will be able to take their car for free on the TT Line.

The free car journey begins on March 1 and runs until June 30. In Victoria, where the Spirit of Tasmania leaves the mainland, Tasmania actually has some travel restrictions.

They are restricted to individuals at an exposure point identified here who have remained. Hopefully, up until March, there would be no travel restrictions.

Michael McCormack, Deputy Premier, said Thursday:

Tourism in Tasmania and the number of passenger vehicles moving across the Bass Strait have had a major effect on Covid-19.

At zero cost, Australians can carry their car or motorcycle to Apple Island and discover all this beautiful state has to offer – a win-win for both Tasmanians and tourists who want to explore the island more.

Since the pandemic started, bookings on the Spirit of Tasmania are down 85 percent.

I’m sort of shocked the drop isn’t larger – for much of the last 10 months, Tasmania has had border restrictions with Victoria.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is back from annual leave and at 10:15 a.m. he will hold a press conference. With the Minister of Health, Martin Foley, and the Deputy Minister of Health today.

A statement about the riot outside the US Capitol building has been tweeted by Australian Premier Scott Morrison.

He’s writing:

We denounce these acts of violence and look forward in the great American democratic tradition to a peaceful handover of government to the newly elected administration.

About Scott Morrison
(@ScottMorrisonMP) (in German)
The scenes outside the US Congress are rather harrowing. We denounce these acts of violence and look forward in the great American democratic tradition to a peaceful handover of government to the newly elected administration.

6th January, 2021

In Tasmania, the RSPCA says it is “deeply saddened” by the death of a horse in the Devonport Cup, held in northwest Tasmania yesterday.

After crashing into the barrier during the third race, just 100 meters from the finish line, the gelding, called Douglass, was euthanized.

Executive Director Jan Davis of RSPCA Tasmania said:

We are extremely saddened to learn of the death on the Tasmanian racecourse of another horse.

The RSPCA extends its heartfelt condolences at this difficult time to all those who have contributed to the treatment of Douglas.

The incidence of catastrophic horse racing accidents is of great concern to the RSPCA and to all animal caregivers in Tasmania.

In Australian racetracks, on average, at least two horses die per week, so it is a sad fact that this death was a horrific, but hardly unforeseeable, result.

Davis said the incident underscores the need for the racing industry to collaborate to enhance animal welfare outcomes with the RSPCA and other stakeholders.

As was the case in this race, if there is an adverse result for an animal, our hope is that there will be a thorough analysis to find ways to avoid harm or trauma to racehorses in the future.

In order to reduce risk to horses, the Tasmanian community expects the racing industry to make every effort, so these processes must be public, open and timely.

Back in Australia, an emergency warning for the Red Gully fire north of Perth in Western Australia remains in place.

Ocean Drive, Ocean Farms Estate and Seaview Park residents were advised to immediately take their bushfire safety precautions and were told it might be too late to evacuate safely.

WA’s Fire and Emergency Services Department released this notice:

Wind alterations have the ability to rapidly intensify fire activity. For the next three days, very hot and dry weather conditions are forecast. These circumstances would challenge containment lines and potentially put at risk coastal communities.

Ocean Farms Estate and Seaview Park residents must stay on high alert and execute their survival plan for bushfires now.

If you want to leave, leave now via Indian Ocean Drive southbound, if it is safe to do so. Your life is capable of


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