At Wimbledon, how many strawberries with cream are sold?


At Wimbledon, how many strawberries with cream are sold?

WIMBLEDON is famous with a variety of strawberries and cream, but how many will be consumed this year by fans?

Summer is strawberry and cream season, and Wimbledon wouldn’t be the same without this delectable dessert. While watching the tennis, many fans will be popping champagne and drowning these delectable fruits in cream. How many punnets will the British consume during the tournament this year?

Strawberry and cream are synonymous with summer, and for many Brits, summer would be incomplete without them.

The All England Club in Wimbledon, SW19, is nearing the end of one of tennis’ most important Grand Slams.

Wimbledon, like other major sporting events, would be completed without a certain iconic food, whereas the Super Bowl would be incomplete without Buffalo Chicken Wings.

Strawberry and cream is the go-to snack for Wimbledon attendees.

It’s unclear how strawberries and cream came to be such a big part of the games.

Although there appears to be no historical link between this delicious food and tennis, this hasn’t stopped it from becoming a staple of the Wimbledon tournament.

“It was probably two things,” Johnny Perkins, the All England Club’s head of public relations, told CNN. “Strawberries were in season at the time the tournament was played, and they had become a fashionable thing to eat in Victorian England.”

So, how many strawberry and cream portions are sold at the event? This snack’s popularity shows no signs of fading.

During the Wimbledon event, supporters are predicted to consume roughly 27 tons of strawberries and 7,000 litres of cream.

166,055 servings of this food were consumed during Wimbledon in 2018.

However, this year’s attendance will most certainly be lower due to the limited amount of fans that will be allowed to attend due to current coronavirus restrictions.

Only 21,000 spectators are allowed to watch each day, limiting capacity to under 50%.

The women’s and men’s singles finals at the famed Centre Court games will draw a capacity crowd of 15,000 this weekend.

Many would-be viewers will undoubtedly be eating this typical Wimbledon snack at home while watching the tennis from their couches.

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