Asda has issued an urgent food recall involving chicken, ice cream, and other items, as well as a salmonella risk.


Asda has issued an urgent food recall involving chicken, ice cream, and other items, as well as a salmonella risk.

There are several ongoing food recall advisories for ASDA products, including a salmonella risk. The whole list of products can be found here.

When a problem with a food product is discovered, supermarkets declare a food recall. This is the complete list of Asda items that are presently being recalled.

Asda has issued a recall for some of its own-brand chicken due to the possibility of salmonella contamination.

This can result in symptoms like nausea, stomach pains, and fever.

The batch code 31120953 and barcode 505717210688 should be looked for by shoppers.

The affected packs weigh 170g and have a best before date of September 5, 2022.

Those who bought the aforementioned batch should send it back for a full refund.

There is no need for a receipt, and no other Asda chicken items have been identified as being compromised.

The Wall’s product has been recalled because it poses a health risk to anyone who have a milk allergy or intolerance.

“Wall’s is taking the precautionary measure of recalling all batches of Twister Peek-A-Blue (five multi-pack and single-serve) due to the likelihood of higher than intended cross-contamination levels of milk,” according to an Asda statement.

“The safety of consumers who buy and use our products is always our top priority, which is why we are voluntarily recalling all batches since they may offer a safety risk to those who have a milk allergy or intolerance.

“Apart from Twister Peek-A-Blue, no other Wall’s or Twister items are affected.”

Those who have purchased the product but are allergic or intolerant to it should not consume it.

They can instead contact the Wall’s customer service department at 0800 146252 or [email protected]

The frozen pie has been recalled for all dates because it contains undeclared allergens.

There are trace levels of milk ingredients in some batches that aren’t listed on the label.

Anyone with an allergy or intolerance would face a health risk as a result of this.

Customers should look for the 505717223369 barcode as well as 170g packs.

According to the supermarket, the product can be returned for a reimbursement.

According to a statement, “If you have purchased Asda Frozen Vegan Mushroom and Leek Pie (170g), please return it to your nearest store where you will be granted a full refund.”

“Your receipt is not required. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

“Please call Asda Customer Relations at 0800 952 if you require any additional information.

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