As covid cases soar, Keir Starmer calls for an urgent lockdown in England


Labour chief urges PM within 24 hours to enforce new national restrictions

In order to tackle the “out of control” virus, Labour Party leader Keir Starmer urged Boris Johnson to allow no delay and introduce new national restrictions in England within the next 24 hours.

After the Prime Minister raised the possibility of tightening the Covid 19 restrictions on Sunday, Starmer spoke out, arguing that urgent action was appropriate and that potential restrictions were not a good sign.

‘Clearly, the virus is out of balance,’ Starmer said Sunday. And it’s not good for the prime minister to say that, in a week or two or three, more regulations will come into force.

The cause of so many issues has been this pause.

That’s why I’m saying that these restrictions, national restrictions, will now be enforced within the next 24 hours.

“That has to be the first step in controlling this virus.”
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