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Health officials advise 2,000 people to self-isolate in western Sydney after an outbreak, while after long queues, Victoria plans to launch new testing clinics
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In New South Wales, eight new cases of coronavirus have been identified, while authorities have reported that around 2,000 individuals have been requested to self-isolate due to an outbreak in western Sydney. Though three new cases were registered in Victoria and the state testing system was stressed again, NSW authorities expressed increased concern about an outbreak linked to a bottle store in Berala. Five of the eight new cases registered were linked to the Berala cluster, two to the northern beaches of the Avalon outbreak and one to the Wollongong cluster. Covid hotspots NSW: list of case locations for coronavirus in Sydney and the regionRead more The Chief Health Officer of NSW, Kerry Chant, said the authorities were worried about the transmission potential from the BWS store in Berala, which was named as an exposure site between 22 Dec. and 31 Dec. The long duration of exposure would suggest that an employee had tested positive, but, for privacy purposes, Chant would not confirm any information about the positive cases associated with the bottle store. NSW Health called about 2,000 people and advised them to separate themselves.

Chant said authorities claimed that around 1,000 individuals had been served at the bottle store on Christmas Eve as an indication of the possible threat. Through all the records we have, we will try to reach anyone we can, but this is crucial and I can’t emphasize enough how concerned we are about the potential for transmission,’ she said. Chant also said that a connection between the Berala cluster and the northern beaches had been ruled out by genomic sequencing.

The Berala cluster has now reached 13 individuals, while the source of the Avalon cluster has yet to be identified by the authorities. Asked if authorities will consider isolating secondary contacts, Chant said people who visited the BWS in Berala and had symptoms should also advise the rest of their household to “stay put” until a negative test has been reported. “We reached 2,000 individuals…” And as lists become available, we will continue to contact more,” she said. In New South Wales, masks were also mandatory. Police Deputy Commissioner Mal Lanyon of New South Wales said fines were a last resort and police would act “at their discretion.” Health Minister Brad Hazzard said free masks would be distributed through Transport NSW and through the Department of Family and C to those in need.” Read more “So if you’re waiting, please bear with us, it’s important that we get these tests done so we can continue the encouraging trajectory on this Black Rock cluster. “Victoria’s number of exposure sites has now reached around 50. Weimar also announced that about 60,000 Victorians rushed back from NSW to cross the border before it came across. People who arrive at the border are now turned back unless an exception has been granted. He said 1,500 people have applied so far for an Aus to cross the border.


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