As a spike in young people’spills over, spelling calamity for the NHS this winter,’ the third wave of Covid hits a new peak.


As a spike in young people’spills over, spelling calamity for the NHS this winter,’ the third wave of Covid hits a new peak.

THE COvid third wave has reached a new pinnacle as the influx of young Britons begins to overflow.

An expert has warned that this could mean disaster for the NHS this winter.

Professor Tim Spector, the ZOE Covid Study App’s main scientist, said: “The UK appears to be slowly waking up to the fact that Covid instances are out of control, but the reality is that they’ve been on the rise for months, and several countries have placed us on their watch list.

“Infection rates are still high among young people, and they appear to be spreading to those aged 35 to 55.

“If these rises spread to the over 55s, the NHS could face calamity in winter.”

According to their data, the UK is witnessing 69,993 new cases per day, with people logging their symptoms and test findings.

This is a 2% decline from the previous week’s data, although it remains high.

There are currently 18,817 new daily symptomatic cases in the UK among the double vaccinated.

For the past few weeks, the number of infections has been steadily climbing, with 16,957 instances reported last week.

Covid affects one in every 69 people in the UK, with cases increasing among people aged 35 to 55.

Prof. Spector stated, ” “With such a high number of cases, it’s evident that herd immunity isn’t working, and the danger is that most people still assume they’re protected if they’ve taken Covid or a vaccine.

“According to ZOE statistics, vaccination protection fades over time, and natural infection alone only provides 64% protection, therefore we need to do everything we can to have everyone twice vaccinated and cease waiting for natural infection to provide herd immunity.”

He warned last week that allowing cases to run rampant in schools is a “gamble,” fearing that it will spread to older people.

It’s possible that the surge in the older age group is due to parents of school-aged children catching Covid and bringing it home.

And now there’s concern that they’ll pass it on to their parents, who may be nearing the conclusion of their vaccine schedule.

Secondary school students had the largest number of cases of any age group, according to the ONS, just weeks after they returned to school.

It was “an exceptionally high rate,” according to Prof Kevin McConway, an emeritus professor of applied statistics at The Open University.

Covid vaccinations are now available for children, and Prof Spector stated that increasing data is pointing to the relevance of immunizations.

With another 42,776 infections reported yesterday, the Department of Health’s daily Covid cases reached their highest level in three months.

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